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Spiritual Guide

My guide drawing Emerald Green Ray the Equilibrium of the light Greetings of light from our heart to yours. Come aboard with us on a journey into the Equilibrium of the light, we ask that you breathe and interact as one of us, and as you simply know, you are surrounded by divine light and love.

Circles of light welcome home the house of the Equilibrium of the light within you.

Breathe and relax while watching and integrating the Equilibrium of the light codes of the beloved image.

Allow yourself to close your eyes and feel the energy of light expanding into the cosmos. changing realities and there is an opportunity to create a path of equilibrium Rise up into the sunlight of your divine spirit with a deep, purifying breath the Equilibrium of the light.

As a connected, sensitive, and spiritual being, you are likely to feel all this expansion in the light. Become magnets of the light !!!! Let yourself know that you become the Equilibrium of the light !!!

Immerse yourself in the light and feel not only its uniqueness but also its reflection in everything and the beauty that exists within. Breathe in and allow the emotions and feelings that arise to flow into the beloved light. Allow yourself to relax in your world and also be the Equilibrium of the light through the eyes of the cosmos expanding through you.

Let yourself be guided to your own level of equilibrium and allow yourself to participate more and more each day. Back to the light of your being and already the direct experience of the inner power of light, which has the beautiful opportunity to update and realign now with the creator and receive the energetic downloads. It is up to you AND THE WAY the Equilibrium of the light in the present, but when you do ... receive the required upgrades to carry you into the light.

You can open up and receive Divine inspiration regarding the big picture of your life Tune into the heart and find the Equilibrium of the light Happy door of the heart my beloved.

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