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Spiritual Guide

My Drawing of the light

- Spirit Guide Michael Angell

Greetings of Light my dearest Angel,

I come to wrap you as spiritual guide in green healing light, so close your eyes for a second and breathe the healing light from my wings as l gently carry you into the Light of our Father. I am with you all the time and this drawing will remind you of my agreement to lead you; you have my wings now....

You are a radiantly beautiful being in and out birthing in every breath of life whatever you realize or not. It's time to open to the flow of guidance, love and blessings meant for you. You're an Expression of Love, so Express your passions, heart ideas, and instinct for creativity to the world.

I come today as a sign of Self Expression and soft healing through Self Love and for you to become freely human beings. Your team of guides and angels and higher communication serve you well in all your endeavors now.

Be Open up to Self Love and the actual true self will be shown to you on your daily reflections and this is the beauty of your existence. Step forward now to your unique path, in alignment with love, in the way that most serves you in creating a beautiful future permeated with Love.

Let your Self Love be your radiance...... Your truth is a valid force in your current situation. Listen to your instincts and you deserve to be loved and to be fully loved by others. Feel liberated from burden and tune in to the freedom of Self Love. Increased communication is guiding the energy in your life to Love and move faster.... Now.

Get ready for Self Love, and transformation will bring positive changes! To support yourself in leaving behind what has happened in the past by tuning into the love vibration that is all around you.... Now. Embrace the present moment with grace and gratitude... With Love Michael Ángel 💚


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