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Spiritual Guide Art ~ Saint Germaine Drawing

Spiritual Guide Art ~ Saint Germaine light language Drawing

I am getting that you have been feeling extra sensitive recently. We are going to fill you with Love and the Violet Flame along with the collective of Saint Germaine through his drawing. This is what I saw...

Inside of Mount Shasta is a temple made of Amethyst – very crystalline and healing. Saint Germaine's twin, Lady Portia, and him are in charge of this temple. Surprisingly it was illuminated like a radiant sun... I saw flowers, angels, and fairies in a circle of Light around us like in my dreams – this is the picture of that flowing through my hands into this image.

The vibrational heartbeat of the Earth is shifting and we are shifting along with it. It is time now to focus upon tender loving self care.

You are processing an incredible amount of change, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Listen to your needs and honor them. Slow down and minimize the amount of outward stimulation in your life. Rest, be still... and allow yourself to heal and adjust to the new vibration.

Humanity is entering into a new passage, and you, heart-centered forgiving Light workers, are the precious instruments of Love assisting with this process. Begin with self-love and confidence that this shift into the collective energy now is the true gift.

Several Violet Flame angels are surrounding you and healing you at this time. Lady Portia, Quan Yin, SaintGermaine, and lots of fairies are bathing you in the Violet Flame, allowing you to open your heart and to flow with Love for both yourself and those you love. Your Higher Self looks like a wave of purple violet sacred Light and with Portia by your side you breath this in...

Breathe the life in...

Feel your heart blossoming radiant Light...

Open your heart to Saint Germain and Quan Yin and let yourself heal your heart now. Invoke and feel this Flame to assist you, feeling the heaviness lifting and dissolving into the Light.

Feel cherished, supported, and loved as you move toward your deepest Soul expansion... do not rush... breathe...

We love you ❤️

the violet flame is one of the most powerful tools we can use for healing, cle or activatio, I’m sharing a light language guided meditation that will help you to connect through out the drawing and receive healing and guidance. Sacred Heart Meditation | Encoded Frequency

I hope that helps, in your journey Light Regards Grethel

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