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My Drawing of the light Aliha ✨

The Power of Choice.

Greetings and blessing,

I am Aliha your guide and I am sending blessings and light of the highest vibration from the heart to heart.

Take the time to open yourself to this message of love and light where you will feel peace and clarity in harmony with your being. We want to talk about the power of decision, on the planet human beings at this moment is a multidimensional experience where none of you is directly responsible and you can feel immersed in theories about what may be happening and certainly all are true in a reality.

Your decision power is to decide the truth that will become the reality of life and experience of each one of you. We understand that it is difficult to understand the cause of some events that although they are sprinkled with truth, the truth that is accepted for you creates your reality tomorrow.

Human beings are in front of a collapsing of lines were a time where different versions of reality mix with parts of you of different dimensions and another time come to the present moment where you have the possibility of integrating memories and history from other times in your record. Akashic and what we can clarify is that you are experiencing a collective transformation where the timelines are mixed giving way to a very important and significant transformation within each of you. We need to confuse each other trying to know all the intrinsic details of what can happen or why.

from our point of view the lifelines that separate what is important here is the power of decision and the power of creator that each one of you carries within you certainly what you knew for truth is dismantling and now it is the perfect opportunity to create the life that you really want aligning with your soul and higher expressions of being.

The question here is what am I going to decide?

I prefer to suffer in the uncertainty or I prefer in a sovereign way praising my wisdom of being, praising my mastery, and aligned with my inner god to create the reality that comes from a place of inner peace, emanating love and in abundance. It is your life right to decide, the choice that I want to make with this experience, and how I am going to react to the challenges of life.

The Choice is an open-source potential to become the highest version you can be.

All my choices are in agreement with my desires. As you choose my thoughts, you choose your life. Each day I choose to see things from the most optimistic perspective. Each decision you make presents wondrous new possibilities. Every moment you have the option to make choices that support your well-being. Every moment of your life is full of choices.

Sending higher Heart blessings Aliha

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