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Spiritual Guide Connection Light Codes

My Guide Drawing

I am Zura Triger being and your guide my beloved

Greetings and blessings of the light!

Those powerful angelic energies are combined in one stream and as we are in this unbroken circle of light and healing we are here the begin the process with you as understanding your own original signal stream by our group of guide that will enable you to go deeper in your light

Sit within your light!

And really... You have more power than you realize, to be the change, and start ushering forth a wave of positive transformation in the world...

By consciously choosing to maintain a presence at the moment...

Amidst the window of energy around the collective scale, set the intention to stay grounded, centered, and be willing to face and release any heavy emotional patterns that may arise within you.

By consciously choosing to stay tuned into the field of love.

the planetary energy has a way of stirring up emotions and heightening psychic sensitivity.

By consciously choosing to witness your own transformation

It's really a wonderful time for deepening spiritual practice, meditation, and for re-charging your intentions with light and life force energy.

By consciously choosing navigating waves of inner peace.

Go back to the remembrance of how you evolve from the nothingness and the awareness of everything that may call your light to become the beating heart of the universe going within your sonic heart

By consciously choosing wiliness to do this work and also important to realize the impact of your light as a conduit for Source

You are orchestrating your own greatest becoming and the originating of your soul becoming a god by itself and the combination of frequencies of light and wave of patterns that crush upon each other and manifest into a physical presence of god and the recognition of the universe within you

By consciously choosing to stay tuned into the field of love.

Allow a passageway to open up to gateways of portals that are already creating an incredible opening to access the Zero-Point field of pure potentiality.

By consciously choosing to allows for higher levels of crystalline solar light to reach in the physical infuse within your heart as these languages of light will be Integrating within your soul and body

Remember, your light, my dear and recognize your own tone of light.

Within your light creates a beautiful opening to recenter, get clear and realign with the highest timeline and possibilities moving into the future.

My dear one, you are loved Zura

this is you image

from my heart to yours Janet God bless you

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