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Spiritual guide Drawing

My drawing of the light - Give your Best Codes of light Greetings and blessings I am Nova and today we will speak to you in one voice. We are the Ambar ray and we are angelic in nature and at the same time belong to the cosmos itself. We are angels from the galaxy and our job is to guide the constellations, the stars and planets we work with quantum physics through our source light We have been called Orange or Amber ray and our escence allows grace to open the door through the orange ray. Orange is the color of the sunrise and sunset, bliss awakening, the relationship with ourselves and others, melting in love and aloneness, the joy of feeling in the body, sensuality, self love and dedication to spiritual practice. We come from the star system of Aldebaran and Antares mainly and we are descendants from the Sun and the light We are the Act of creation and as light and stardust, we want to give you a message today. You cannot get peace when war is made and this is a very common scenario in our families. We understand, it can be a challenging time for humans so our guidance is to contemplate How much we drive on the way to work and quickly react with a combative spirit to the first attack and what causes war where our hearts harden within ourselves and others. To be at peace give your best to be the spark of calm and tranquility Be the child of the galaxy and stop the chain reaction that happens when something happens. It can be something so simple that it leads to war between you and everyone else. Hold the light, center yourself. Find peace even is if just for a flash of lighting in the very instant you can call yourself a child of the light Breathe the light, my dear and disengage from and bring supreme peace to your warrior heart and choose to be an ambassador of peace and light Today, we invite you to take 2 seconds before reacting with a combative spirit as a reaction from a random attack and attain peace through your own centeredness Check out your rightness and observe whatever you feel justified in the wrongness What I mean is a mind that becomes rigid and a heart that is closed and wounded Wait your 2 seconds, invite peace to wash away any hardness and invite your heart to soften as you inhale light, exhale stress as you choose to be the doorway for the light Breath peace and exhale all the tightness from your body and give a gift to travel lighter on your path We are with you, you are supported and know what this time represents, also bringing a new life be creative, be in action and seek new projects; be inspired by ideas, choose moving things forward by motivation and encouragement, re-doing, restoring things to give it a new shine and meaning as you recreate yourself into peace and enlightenment

With all our love my dear we send higher light ~ Nova

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