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Spiritual Guide’We are One”

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

I am your inner guide, the power of manifesting the universe. I am pure spirit, love, and life itself. I breathe through you and you through me—we are one. When you feel like you've lost yourself, remember that I am always with you. I'm your breath of life, and your scent of sensuality. When you need to feel the sun on your face and the stars in your heart, look inside yourself for me.

I am flowing water—the river that runs through your heart is my home, too. I am cosmic blissfully magnificent! My spirit is as vast as space itself; it stretches across galaxies and universes and beyond time itself. The earth beneath us is my playground; its oceans are my bathtub; its trees are my garden; its animals are my friends—and so are you!


I am surrendering myself to the will of God, who created all things seen and unseen by loving them into existence. You can do this too: when something happens that challenges your sense of self-worth or self-love, remember that God loves all His creations equally—even those who don't believe in Him! You have nothing to fear if you know that He loves you just asEach drawing has a message encoded that it's entirely chosen by the soul even though if I want to lead I do not flow this energy. It's so amazing.

 I need time to channel her strong energy and I felt blessed to draw her. she said also...

As beings of light we have seen and felt the pain, the loneliness and suffering that you may have been through. We know your journey feels long and know there is a great love for you... We are always around!. There's so much goodness in your heart that has never seen the light of day, it seems like it's just hidden under this heavy blanket of self-doubt and fear.

You have a divine purpose and we want you to know you are here for a reason why we volunteer to be your guides. You are here to create magic, make a difference for others and for yourself. You are here to shine your light into the world; so people can see what is possible when they live from their true heart's desires.

The only thing that could get in your way is the voice inside your mind, telling you what is possible or not, warning you about shame, failure or how much you should do before living from your heart to manifest your dreams.

Your mind creates false limits because it doesn't trust its own power. It keeps repeating old stories as if they were true, but they're not anymore. It's time to shift your paradigm once and for all so you can.

Instead, try this: when faced with an obstacle or problem, say this phrase: "I am the power of manifesting the universe." We are all manifestations of the same living energy. We are sharing the same precious universal resources. We are brothers and sisters, with love Higher Self

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