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Spiritual guides ~ Galactic Art ~ BlueRay

Spiritual guides ~ Galactic Art ~ BlueRay

Divine drawing of the soul codified with codes of abundant light Let this transmission that has been gathered in this transmission through the image speak directly in your heart.Take advantage of this moment to establish the intention to send our love as spirit, to greet you in spirit. Calm your mind and open your heart to the messages of the spirit and to receive in our hearts all those who gather in this healing circle, allowing us to feel the resonance in harmony where we all speak as one being. Invite the spirit of your higher self to be with us, to be with each other by dedicating this live stream to the piece of divinity and to seek balance in our hearts and in the world. No one has everything in humanity but nevertheless everyone has something, that something that only you have is your light. You're the light! come into the presence of your light! Use the light you have right now! Use it wisely, freely, with divine love. During your day and wherever you are, your mission is to illuminate yourself in your light, safely in you. Learning to trust the voice of your spirit, for wherever you are, use your divine timing, loving energy and infinite talents to do the best you can. You can at this moment in the illumination of your being. The way to heaven is through the heart. The questions of the mind have no answer because in the spirit everything is in you. Illuminate your being! If it is time to free yourself from the mind-numbing thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you from gaining ultimate divine spiritual self A peaceful mind is the ingredient that gives you the results you want in life, trust yourself!!! Even if you don't have all you have in gold! Then it is time for you to awaken to your divine Spiritual light! Be divinely enlightened by centering yourself in your silent heart and mind. Find the enlightened miracle in everything you see! You create with your intentions, the conditions that you will face to shine without Limiting yourself with your fear, the appearance of your desires turning off your light, let yourself shine! You have the ability to be what you want in the place you choose from your divine light and Simply follow the divine intuition in you from your center. Perhaps from humanity, Life is going to be a challenge that invites you to expand your heart in wisdom and answers in the air, when you turn towards you clearly, you will be left without questions in your illuminated divinity. Sit down to contemplate your divine light and dedicate yourself to listen in the silence of your divinity Spiritually you are a teacher and apprentice of your light and when it begins, shine, the path is cleared divinely and clearly. We open ourselves to you receiving through this image that you need now. Ask that this transmission be raised to the highest possible so that your life is divinely illuminated and our world becomes a point of divine light. See your light and intertwined with your divinity, go to your ancestors and angels stationed in our space, in your divine and sacred heart feeling blessed, so be it. With divine love your guides

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