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Star Guide - The New Earth - Coraline

Star Guide - The New Earth - Coraline

I am Coraline and I am your version of the fifth dimension and I have come to anchor the new version of you and I want to share with you what my life line is.

In my timeline we are beings of light that we are spiritual beings of light, we can take any form, it can be said that the light guides us.

My light belongs to the blue ray that is your essence as a spiritual mask and guide in the light.

The archetype of goddess is taken because I would like you to empower yourself in love and in the old soul wisdom that you already have in you and that you are discovering but in reality I have no gender.

My gender is neutral and this is where the earth is going at this moment but my frequency that is yours tends to vibrate in the female frequency because that is how I enjoy it more

My essence that is yours is the essence of love and it is also combined with the essence of the mastery and intelligence of God that comes from the color blue and that is represented with your masculine side of God creating the perfect harmony.

in my reality we do not have cities we live in light and we create containers that seem like a spaceship of light made of the consciousness of love where we are all one with love

It is rather like a society of light and the earth only anchors us in the same line of life as the character is love, it emanates constantly

our challenges and learning are to observe, vibrate and understand unconditional love all in sacred union.

This is how it is all we are one our souls are linked through the connection of the Maor with all the kingdoms of Gaia and Gaia herself who is our queen and spiritual guide.

It is my reality, some beings decide to explore the absence of love in order to create a contrast and they vibrate between separation and union and others observe and learn from the dynamics in which love guides us.

so love is the best guide

love is the best leader

and in the fifth dimension where I vibrate everything is love or absence of love

Now through this drawing I want you to anchor yourself in that frequency that is always love and that from today accompanies you as a portal of love in your activated heart.

When you meditate and are inspired to teach love I will be there by your side whispering codes of light holy and loving where you and I are one in the quantum conscious of God.

always in your heart - Coraline

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