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Star seed art Galactic Art - Higher self Alignment with the Quantum Soul

Galactic Art - Higher self Alignment with the Quantum Soul

This drawing represents your ascended form and at the same time the fusion of two rays, the gold one representing the Christian conscience and the blue one representing the divine intelligence and the mastery of your soul. We could say that your quantum double is the part of you that ascends and represents the best you, so at this time, allow your body to relax and your heart to open so that you can infuse yourself with the codes of the image.

The image represents a smile and a sense of calm that I try to represent in the best way so today while you see an aspect of you Allow your mind to settle down and calm down, find the space between your thoughts, the space between these words, and enter the space in between all you are and open yourself to the possibilities to see a new you. Today you align with what you can create and Enter the area of your heart center: your consciousness moves inward, moves into the central point of light within the energy envelope around your heart center where you connect with your quantum self.

Come in, remember who you really are and move into the stillness, the space, the presence within you... as now, from all directions shines, the light of the gold flame combining it in your being with blue light allowing it to flow into you, creating a sacred space, a sacred container, a sacred loving of energy. from today project yourself as a ucantic being al solo ser y Know that you are one with the force of peace and with the force of love, and that you are, in fact, able to activate and invoke these qualities within yourself, which invoke and cultivate peace, love and harmony around you with a new presence. The veil is extra thin at this time of year with a clear opening to the realms of the ancestors.

Learn how to harness this time for powerful ancient healing across the timelines here: The key to harmonizing the waves is to trust and liberate yourself from the old paradigm, old energies, belief systems and resistance to adapt, transcend and become aware of where you are holding on to the fear, to the old energy to let it go and create new . this drawing announces that today is the perfect time and is at the point of change, edge of choosing how this transformation with the world from your current identity can expand, can transcend by letting go of how you identify yourself and choose to be in your quantum newness what is holding you back?

to be in the mastery of your quantum self practice happiness and leave the scarcity mindset and do new things and ways to be a new version of you. release the limited identity, hide in the mind constructs of your personality, below the perceptions of the lower ego entangled in the past, instead rewrite your life and know there is within you an inner source of love, of peace, of stillness, of divine self yuor quantum self.

The invitation is to be aware of Where are you blocked? Instead of embracing the new and moving forward one moment at a time, trusting that each experience is an opportunity to be in alignment with your quantum presence, the blessings of the lessons are revealed and you become the master of your own destiny. Now remind you of the power of being the change you wish to see. And by this, we mean embodying the qualities you wish to see in the world.  

Just be! discern what you give your energy to and allow yourself to observe and shift from the perspective of your ordinary single awareness to the perspective of the quantum self, the part of you that is capable of observing you, breathing in, breathing out, and dial into the bigger picture. Redefine what you want to become! Allow yourself to merge with divine presence, the bliss, the knowingness, the joy of this authentic reconnection with your quantumness. with love, Guides

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