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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

This is a fragment of a story coming form the akashic records.

"Twin Flames from Pleiades

In the far reaches of the galaxy, a love story that transcends both time and space unfolds. First I go online and see two souls, Zephyr and Aiko, who traversed the multiverse with their families in search of a new home. Guided by the guidance of their higher self, they traveled to this universe, only to find a war raging between the galactic races. They show me survivors of those galactic ballads, Zephyr and Aiko, along with kindred spirits, were drawn into the midst of the chaos. Their shared journey through adversity ignited an unbreakable bond, the kindred essence of love that defies the boundaries of galaxies. Amid the turmoil, the survivors gazed at the starry Pleiades and felt an undeniable resonance: a call to create a new refuge where the frequencies of love could be appreciated. Together, they embraced the promise of unity and harmony, creating a civilization that would honor and nurture the essence of love in all its forms. This heavenly sanctuary came to be known as the Pleiades, a tribute to their shared vision of a world enveloped in the same frequencies that sustained their spirits. They show me how their love grows and they were drawn to each other, their souls entwined in a promise to always find each other in every life. I can perceive one connection was that of twin flames: two souls radiating from the same source, destined to come together in an alchemy of love. As I witness her story through the cosmic lens, emotions stir like heavenly winds. I can feel this story as a reminder that love, limitless and enduring, can emerge even from the depths of confusion. Zephyr and Aiko are in the fifth dimension and even though they vibrate in a body of light. his is very human-like. In the luminous heart of Pleiades, a love story bloomed that echoed through the cosmos, entwining the fates of Zephyr and Aiko. Their meeting was no ordinary occurrence; it was a convergence written in the stars, a dance of destiny that even the galaxies themselves watched with awe. They live in Alcyone, a city bathed in ethereal light, its crystalline spires reaching towards the heavens. This was the haven they crafted, a sanctuary born from the ashes of war, where the frequencies of love resonated like a cosmic heartbeat. In this city, love was not merely a concept; it was a living force that wove its tendrils through every facet of life. I am being shown him as Zephyr wandered in his heart guided him to a tranquil garden, where Aiko's presence shimmered like stardust full of codes of light.. Their eyes met, and in that moment, the universe seemed to pause – a recognition that went beyond words. It was a connection that bridged lifetimes, an intricate dance of souls that embraced the past, present, and future. Their love became an inspiration to all in the lifetime I am writing. They could become one or divine themselves in masculine and feminine. At the soul level the Love union is a testament to the power of love to transcend galaxies, and the hearts beat in harmony with the frequencies that surround them."

In that lifetime they had children who embodied the very essence of Pleiades – beings of light and love who carried forward the legacy of unity that Zephyr and Aiko had woven. They are already integrated in the source and from the heavens they are sending a Love Blessing for you to dance to the rhythm of Love.

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1 Comment

Ark1 1
Ark1 1
Aug 23, 2023

This story has echoes of Atlantis as after the fall the remaining Atlantean’s spread out to found the civilisations of Egypt Sumer Mycenae Minoa and Judea this missing link in prehistory is what created the classical civilisations later which in turn links to us Atlantis estimated 400000-200000 -40000 years ago so after the galactic war the Pleiadeans left Lyra to traverse the galaxy and found colonies in the Pleiades Sirius etc then they established Lemuria and Atlantis on Earth or possibly Mars and the cycle repeated as in all Love stories Light triumphs over dark or at least it is cyclical like the cycles of nature enjoyed the article thank you thought I would contribute as I am interested in…

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