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Storytelling Atlantis, the arrival, the fall | Twin flame light Codes and a message

Dear being of light,

From the deepest corner of our hearts, we wish to share with you the message that flows through the currents of time and space. We speak to you from the golden days of Atlantis, where our being resonated in harmony with the Earth, the stars, and the mysteries of the sea.

Atlantis, for us, was like a bridge between the worlds. It was a living reminder of the interconnectedness that unites all beings in this vast universe. The ocean waters were more than just a home; they were a reflection of the stars in the night sky. Marine animals were our friends and confidants, carriers of ancestral wisdom.

The government of Atlantis was not like the government's you know. There was no division or centralized power. Instead, it was like a network of counselors and spiritual leaders who made decisions guided by the wisdom of the heart. Unity and harmony were the foundations of this society, and each individual was a pillar that supported the structure.

The people of Atlantis radiated a special energy. They were like souls who had embraced their purpose on Earth. Spirituality flowed into every aspect of life. Interaction with the stars, the ocean and the Earth itself was a natural part of their day to day. They were like guardians of the Earth, aware of their role in the fabric of the cosmos.

The community was like a family, where each individual supported each other. There was a deep understanding of the connection between all living things. Marine animals were considered companions on this journey, carriers of messages and ancestral wisdom. The relationship between people and animals was a dance of respect and love.

Then it all fall apart...After the fall of Atlantis, our souls felt the weight of the imbalance that we had allowed. The troubled waters of oblivion engulfed us, and our souls set out on a journey in search of redemption and healing. We realized that we needed to return to the source of creation, to the pure essence from which we all came.

Thus, We share this story with you, one of many lifetimes, as a reminder that even in the deepest shadows, there is always a way back to the light. Our souls, after going through challenges and learning, returned to the Source of Creation, where unity and love are eternal.

Now as beings of light...From the heavenly realms, we wish to share how our souls became spiritual guides, weaving threads of love and light into the fabric of existence. As we transcend life's lessons and return to Source, our essence has become an ethereal guide for those who seek the light.

This is just a fragment of the akashic records informatino that came through a Twin flame channeling... I hope you enjoy it...

With live Grethel

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