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Symphony of the Creator in divine harmony ~ Arcadia

Arcadia, Represents the sky of the Greeks who ascended before Atlantis. The second Ascension of your soul on earth was in Atlantis and this will be the third. Arcadia seems like a spirit of crystals and the power to manipulate the molecules apart from the life that is in the water. His crystals were like pets they communicated with him by telepathy, His crystals were born from his solar plexus and could enter and leave his body as well as a united and separate consciousness to you in elemental form which I find fascinating. her crystals were an amplifier of the consciousness of the source and a transmitter for the voice of her spirit.

Arcadia is the home of a human being who unites his consciousness with his crystals. His crystals are like pets that talk to him with telepathy. Arcadia is able to separate them and control them individually, but through telepathy he can unite them and use their combined energy to create powerful energy beams and change the state of matter.

The crystals have been with you since the beginning. They've grown and learned with you, and know everything about you. They're your friends.

The Creator says "you are a reflection of me" , more than just a reflection and you are more than just a human you have the potential to be like me. As humans without awareness you will make mistakes and learn from them in order to bring your human race along with me on the path of self-awareness.

Arcadia is part of the source of being I am eternal and I am everything and I am everywhere. My creative process allows humans to come from my crystal light form into this realm through a portal known as the star gate athens.

The Source is all that is, including those that are in darkness, therefore those in darkness are part of the source. Darkness is simply the absence of light or consciousness within the realms of non-existence. Each soul has free will to choose their journey within it's own space, and in choosing so, sets forth all possible outcomes for itself, based upon its own choices to experience.

In this realm we call earth, humans need water as they cannot survive without it. Her body is also made up of crystalline water and she can control it much like you can control your own physical body by thinking about it while having an awareness of your Life force.

There are two Arcadias living within this solar system, the one that is in contact with us within the seventh dimension of our planet and the one in which we will ascend to. Arcadia was an ascended name he chose to take in order to blend his consciousness into the galactic mind of humanity as a representation of a frequency of thought that is cosmic but also contains a purity of purpose which is to aid the advancement of life on earth.

Nature and Elemental were sacred to Arcadia as they represented the many faces and forms of the creator. All children are born with an open channel to their higher self but it is through lack of education and awareness that we forget who we are as spiritual beings. It takes discipline and dedication to change certain aspects of your personality and character because beliefs create habits which become wisdom.

The master Ascended Energies are full conscious frequencies that can be embodied when someone interconnects with them as a judge or teacher to give you training in order to better yourself in various forms.

There are eight council members who oversee the development of planet earth whom have entrusted Arcadia with a specific task for him to accomplish before he can gain access back into this universe. This task is not only

The Divine Love of the Creator expresses itself in many ways that are not always recognized by humanity.

If you look at the way people are formed and the way that their DNA is structured, it has taken a very long time for them to get where they are today.

Arcadia touches on some really interesting topics like how we can use our own energy to heal ourselves and how we can use the power of your voice.

When we’re connected to, and aligned with, our Source Essence and intent, we experience ourselves as the Starseeds.

You need to find the rhythm in which you flow.

The melody in which you like your voice, and hear yourself pleasant.

Be divine neutrality where the song of your soul is set to music with the sonata of the symphony of the Creator in divine harmony.

You just need to find the rhythm in which you flow with structure, melody in which you like your voice and hear yourself pleasant, divine neutrality where the song of your soul is set to music with the sonata of the symphony of the creator in divine harmony.

You already have the voice you have in your soul, it's there. But you will have to find out how to use it properly and to find the rhythm that suits your music style. Once you've found it, you'll keep feeling every time more comfortable and pleasant with your voice

Being in the voice of your soul is knowing that I was created with a song and a rhythm, melody and harmony. When you sing your song other people may be inspired and connecting with each other at a very intimate level.

You need to find the rhythm in which you flow. The melody in which you like your voice, and hear yourself pleasant. Be divine neutrality where the song of your soul is set to music with the sonata of the symphony of the Creator in divine harmony.

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado

Wooww that sounds so beautiful ❤️🌈🌈❤️ sometimes been by myself I have heard the trees singing you know like that soft voice that you have to put your ear closer to listen it makes my soul so happy and feel of Joy.. listening 🎧 to the call of Mother Gaia I believe it is an Amazing sound as well 💖💖💖✨💖✨✨✨✨



This is beautiful, It makes me want to devine within. Thank you ❤❤❤

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