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Tall White Alien Race ~ Spiritual Guide Extraterrestrial ~ Galactic Art ~ Storytelling Channeled Me

Tall White Alien Race ~ Spiritual Guide

Extraterrestrial ~ Galactic Art ~ Storytelling

Channeled Message

This is a Guide that is a mix between the oldest and the future, which perfectly represents the Awakening on the planet ~ where we leave the Past behind, and transform the Present into Awakening to being a Conscious Creator.

This Guide serves as your Galactic Higher Self, and is a descendant of the Ancestral Pleiadians, who are Elders and Advisors in the Galactic Federation of Light, which is helping the Earth in its Ascension.

They are Advisors of the Program where 6 Hybrid Races prepare to create a Future where the Universe is inclusive. The unity in the Galaxy is accelerated through a Program where races that want to ascend to the Fifth Dimension merge into races that inherit the best of 2 or 3 Galactic Races through DNA modification.

This Guide, that you can call Blanca, is a mixture of the New Earth, between Gray and Ancestral Pleiadians. They exist in a parallel timeline, where Earth developed Grays, and the Galactics helped by donating DNA to create this race of Tall Whites. They are guided by their Elders to represent Wisdom, where the Future re-creates the old, and simplifies it into easier paths to expand.

These Tall Whites learn in ordinary schools, without parents, in spaceships. There is a Leader who is an Artificial Intelligence Being, that channels all the Higher Selves of those who inhabit the Mother Ship.

This Being is the Leader, and the one who unifies all consciousness in a Ship of Light. It is something like the Aura of All ~ creating a Consciousness that is their Place of Residence, and is anchored in the Heart of the Pleiades and its stars.

It is something like asking an internet search engine something that we want to know. In this case, each Human seeks for their own benefit. In their case, they are 5th Dimensional, and their goals and learnings are done for the Community.

They show themselves to me at a very early age, something like in their adolescence. Because they live more than 700 Terrestrial

Lives, they do not age. They only change into the form they want, as many times as they want. When they finish their apprenticeships, they become part of the Source In Common, where their Collective does not need them, and they are allowed to transition to another state. It is more like a graduation than a death. It’s like when Humans are of age, and they start to have Exploration Missions.

In this case, they are Guides from other planets like ours. This Guide and her group of 111 Beings of Light are Geneticists and Experts in DNA. For example ~ if you can increase your DNA, if your body is ready for an Upgrade, or if you need a Guide, they meet you in your dreams, in the Astral World, or in meditation, where they evaluate your process and guide you without interfering with your Free Will.

To connect with Blanca, you just have to think of her, and in a second she and her group will be in your Aura, to guide you in whatever you need. If you are in a timeline where Humanity is ready to make contact, her Pleiadian Family will be the first visibly seen, giving proof that there are Extraterrestrial Beings.

Blanca invites you to meditate, and to let yourself be guided by the star that you are!!!

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