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TAU CETI Starseed

TAU CETI Starseed
Waves and streams of Ascension

This is a race similar to the Norse.  It is a Star in the Constellation of Cetus, only 12 Light years away, a relatively close Star. It is stable and similar to the Sun.

This is a Guide that lived centuries from our time, they seem very similar from Star Trek and in this case she is showing the Highest Frequency of Tau Ceti, this guide comes from the 5th dimension and is very connected with the time of Atlantis.

Tau Ceti has darkness and Light, the darkness that was explained to me was connected with the Era of Suppression of Maldek-Mars-Orion in the Galaxy and the benevolent side was working with the Archangelic Races such as Avian Blue, Arcturian, Lyran and Pleiadian.

This system was parallel on Earth, they had a duality mechanism like us in their darkest times, they were almost extinct and lived in motherstarships who traveled in search of a place to settle, their physical reality was destroyed and now they live in an ethereal form working a spirituality, guides to ascend to the 6th dimension.

Your Soul expansion is now leading and guiding other races to find your Soul neutrality where they can equalize the ground of zero point and ascend higher and higher as we all move towards a more unified timeline on the galactic level.

On Earth after participating in a powerful and suppressive way to influence the evolution of humanity, their influence was forbidden and  Earth was encapsulated, during  2012, when the veil disappeared, they started working with other galactic races, helping Humanity to wait for the open contact.

The Lower Frequency of war-like galactic Earth timelines- was  explained to me as lower timelines that will not affect the ascent timeline, which means there are layers upon layers that come up for healing and the transmutation where we are all evolving.

What I was able to understand is that Gaia is now in a powerful moment to cleanse distorted, heavy and obsolete energies, thought patterns and emotional pathways that no longer serve.

She claims your heavenly brotherhood as a Soul and chooses to be in your loving power as a being of Light.

When we are at peace- what I explained to myself- is the highest expression at this moment that we can embrace in physicality and it is a marker of friendship that allows us to know that we are vibrating high, for which we are being called to bring Light vastly and lovingly.

Upload !!!! choose to Shine with effort and stop allowing your consciousness to spiral into the distorted and chaotic energy patterns that are prevalent in the collective consciousness right now.

A simple technique I  do is to greet every place I go by sending Love and Gratitude for the connection. The TAU CETI show me in the Crystal Temple you see on the image that when we infuse with Love every intention, every person we connect or place we go we uplift the frequency that is exchange and when we do that there is no way we encounter any lower current

So let's rise up in LIGHT !!!

I hope you find it helpful and you enjoy it, With love Grethel

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