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Things I learned when my third eye opened

Things I learned when my third eye opened before I knew what chakra was..

1.- If you see beings of light, you also see shadows.

2.- There are many ways of seeing, some with the physical eyes and others with the mind.

3.- Every intention is a command for Creation, Yes thoughts are very real.

4.- Many "attacks" come from your own shadow.

5.- Seeing is easy, interpreting what you see is where the challenge is…

6.- A pragmatic understanding is needed to understand how you connect with the invisible world.

7.- Each one awakens their gifts in a unique and personal way.

8.- There is no magic formula, each technique can help however, for me being in the light is the best Activator.

9.- In what you think and feel, energetically you become.

10.- The environment where you find yourself has a predominant influence on your aura.

11.- Even when you feel alone you are not....we are more connected than we think.

12.- Your aura changes constantly, however we all have one or more predominant colors.

13.- Fear, negativity it looks like boarding yourself.

14.- Being possible, feeling love, gratitude are like aid natural medicine for any wound.

15.- All dimensions are here, all planes, we just tune in with our resonance.

16.- Even if you don't heal a distortion the energy is created to find Harmony.

17. - Energy is neutral, it will become what is predominant in the field.

Nobody has the absolute truth, because I believe that every truth is compared to a belief, so I hope it helps you. Tell me if I'm missing any or which one has happened to you.

With Gratitude, Grethel.

I do gave a third eye meditation course that may help you to open yours…


Bouillaud Bertrand
Bouillaud Bertrand
Sep 20, 2023

bonjour ,

je suis tout à fait en harmonie avec votre texte sur les potentiels à venir . c'est bel et bien nous qui créons tout cela avec des intentions pures.



This inspired me to focus on expanding my third eye connection

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