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Today’s Energy Forecast July 20, The moon enters Virgo.

Hold on to your hats. Virgo comes to reorganize it all, making opposition to Mars, Venus and opposition to Saturn. We are talking about entering a new order.

Here the universe invites us to be inspired action. Be a warrior of light

Reorganize yourself, reflect on which areas of your life you sabotage yourself, in which areas of your life that ask for a regeneration in order to bring abundance in all areas of your life.

Today we invite you to use this code and the suggested meditation so that you shine as a source for your highest and greatest good and so be it.

12-12 Light Language I 12-12 Meditation & Activation   Recharging From Source

Shed a light 

I wanted to share something more substantial. Suscribe my blog, you can rest assured you are receiving accurate information written by me and we can all learn and connect, as we ascend.


Would you like to activate your abundance this 8/8? Join me on my latest whorshop. You can know more please visit our store.

With love Grethel

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