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Twin flame are shifting its own terms read more …

There is a huge Twin flame Re-Organization New ways, new terms to love and this is a fragment from what I just posted on my blog.

In the twin flame readings, I have been observing unexpected changes.

We are creating a new definition for romantic relationships, high vibrational, passionate and working together in spirituality. It's a delightful way to be witness and imprinted on the drawings.

The love we source for ourselves is Mirroring itself in every relationship.

Love is desiring to be the witness of a new Alchemy by Transforming the way we love by dismantling the conditions to Love.

My advice, Let love to grow, to be bigger than any fear.

Let love to guide you! and just emerges out of the comfort zone. Waking up to the recognition that love is what you are. Even when love feels just not present. In the way of becoming Love is not all sunshine.

However sunshine can shine by staying present. Having loving awareness for a deeper connection, intimate love relationship and by Intimate I mean honest.

Just for a moment…let all you think about twins, soulmates and blah blah.

We are being called to let all conditions aside and create the relationship we desire to experience. Full of connection, love, value, reciprocity and magic!

So, this is not only an event that it's taking place cosmically. It's the awareness that is manifesting, the source of it.

Love is what you are! The only reason this is not experience more fully, is because we are wrapped in the idea that we are not.

Entangled in what is meant to be according to your expectations and conditions to love.

Something that I have learned in these years channeling this drawing is Love is not that destiny, it is the future!

Finally, my advice is let it guide you, let it live to put down roots and whoever or whatever beautifully inspired you to remember that love is what you are. You will never go anywhere.

You are becoming and that awareness is you and that is Love. Regardless of whether you are in a live relationship now or looking to have one. Let's take a moment to ground some guidance.

What is my fear of Love? What if I change that? What is wrong between me and love?

Let your mind wonder and brainstorm. Put aside any nonsense that can be said like "you can't, because..." that's just the voice of shame, pain, trauma, etc. the voice of the false self that is the ego.

Look for a thought that is gentle, that responds with inspiration that whispers whatever advice you can say. “Try it”, “you have nothing to lose and everything to gain”. Whatever inspires you to become love, that is your next step.

Remember to look at fate from the side. You didn't create any mistakes, it was installed by programming from the past now you can reconcile with love. You can choose now to leave all that behind and live your life to the fullest.

Just try it...

Take what resonates with you and forget about that rest. Always trust your intuition.

with love grethel


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