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Twin Flame Art

Twin Flame Art - Egyptian timeline - Connection with SET, Adam & Eve, Summerian Gods, Mesopotamia, Lemuria, Sirius, Lyra, Orion and Venus to mention some of the timelines together that on the akashic records shows 88.

This is a drawing that invites us to reflect on souls that meet again and again in different times without space limits and with a multidimensional connection.

A twin flame is a type of contract where two spirit souls meet on earth with an agreement to be each other's master of life on many levels.

This couple has decided to walk together and start a project together where they walk the path of ascension representing that divine masculine and divine feminine that they meet again and again until they become whole with a message of Love.

Universal travelers in different paths along the universe where each one purifies and transmutes to find himself from the best side of his being. It is being in a safe place where the divine masculine is nourished by the intuition, inspiration and capacity for creation of his beloved divine feminine in an alchemy of complement to love.

The divine masculine in this alchemy that at the level of the soul is sacred in each part of the journey is transformed when he finds the reflection of his divine feminine in his beloved companion and begins his transformation where each challenge makes him stronger, wiser and master of their own destiny, the destiny they are creating together.

In this alchemy, she patiently waits for him to initiate the process where he shapes love and transforms it into the foundation where she channels an elixir of consciousness from the source when love is emanated between them, being the portal of the most powerful creation.

Love becomes her best advisor, and together they find the wisdom of life by honoring their connection, by being patient with God's timing and aligning themselves with the divine order of creation.

Love that when it emanates comes out like rays from your hearts that become crystalline and decode together to remember the chosen path on the way to heaven. In the alchemy of eternity, in many lives where the same hearts meet and once again between promises and vows of love activating in your loved one, the motive to love each other and walk hand in hand and meet again in the eyes of your loved one .

This is a symbol of reconnection to a higher level where love returns you to the perfect alignment of creation. Twin flame couples like this meet on many levels where they merge spiritual missions, personal mastery and together becoming the best version of themselves.

These connections are difficult to describe because there is no mold, only certain characteristics such as seeing each other in the eyes, they see the soul of the other, they can touch each other without seeing themselves physically known. Knowing each other in the physical is not a condition that prevents that loving connection from soul to soul, however, when they meet in spirit, soul and body it is usually an exquisite and blessed alchemy.

They share guides, contracts, agreements at a multidimensional level, sometimes not recognized by the ego, but if through the spirit and by loving each other, they fulfill their most powerful mission, be the reflection of their loved one and their motivation to love.

Regardless of human rules, logic or common sense, these loving connections have their own rhythm and time to evolve and we can say that there are certain characteristics that reveals that you have found your twin flame.

In human form the energy is recognized, you feel magnetically attracted and both are awake to the universal consciousness where they normally create projects that develop even more gaps to grow and evolve as a soul.

The communication can be telepathic, in dreams, on some occasions they share work and overtime their auras merge into one, which makes them a very powerful and exquisite alchemy of life.

When each one respects and recognizes the soul of their loved one as their own, cares for it, nurtures it with love creating a sacred space and high vibration to love which is fertile ground for abundance and creation at all levels as it activates the body of light the DNA and in the sacred union the superior power of the source descends and blesses their union as an omen of good luck and a flowery path of blessings to come walking together at the same level and full of magic for the greatest and highest being and so be it.

the guides.

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