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twin flame Art - central sun ~Timeline

twin flame Art - central sun ~Timeline

This drawing is inspired by two higher self with solar essence and this is the aspect of this divine couple that has a timeline in the central sun.

They appeared to show how they wanted their division with a golden light that danced creating codes of light and sparks of sunlight. light that began to turn and create all kinds of shapes until he can perceive the faces that are not very clear and intertwined with the divine sunlight.

The transmission is felt in my chest with a vibrant warmth that gives peace and calm emanating vibrations from the central sun and when seeing the image the healing is very delicate and powerful and love is felt.

The vibration from soul to soul is transferred as a golden line to create the experience of love where loving souls love each other and through love grow, heal and evolve on many levels at the same time as extensions of the source creating a physical reality where the source experiences love through its human forms.

At the soul level they are a piece of the other as a spiritual guide that looks like the golden version of them and they can request support at any time just by remembering them.

They talk to us about how to know who is the divine counterpart, one that you resonate with at all levels! when in the physical you want that connection and it has not yet manifested itself in the desired way and that is your message.

In some way we are all soul mates that are grouped in groups, in pairs or in families according to magnetic resonance and similarity in vibration and energy signature. The more similar the vortex of light that is emanated is when that similarity creates the feeling that it is your divine counterpart and there are many ways in which these souls want to create and co-create their connection through unconditional love.

Each soul decides what type of illusion they wish to create individually, in alignment with their lover's family and for mutual benefit with their loved one during the illusion.

Whether that couple is perceived as karmic and someone you easily lean on, the work of each loved one is for the greater mutual benefit of both and with the agreement that the predetermined destiny can be rearranged at any time, created with someone else and cancel when the intentions of each soul are not completed for the benefit and making the best of the connection.

When the loved one helps you to become the best of you, we can say that it is that the two are aligned with their higher self and in the vibration of the source, finding the harmony between giving and receiving, playing and learning in the balance of loving and knowing. loved creating a connxion that is the pretext so that each individual is for himself and the loved one the reason for being the love that transports them to heaven to find and merge in their divinity.

Love invites God to be the witness of how each of you are extensions of the creator and incredible things can appear in relationships where you have fun, grow and evolve together at the same speed and vibration traveling in your heart next to the heavenly house.

It is our intention to be an anchor where, through prayer and meditation, the link with that divine counterpart is facilitated, being the pretext for you to be unconditional and divine love for your greatest and highest good, and so be it.

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