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Twin flame Art codes & how to heal in a relationship?

Romantic love | Twin flame light code | Meditation to receive guidance in your love story.

The couple is a mirror and everyone has the opportunity to heal each other. however, the primary responsibility of each being as a couple is personal.

At this moment there is a collective metamorphisis where a flow of soul mates comes and they are going to start a transformation in the personal history of each one.

Wounds just need to be nourished and vitaminized with love and patience. After this repair, the transformation is observed.

It is worth it as a couple, be vulnerable and let yourself be seen in your strengths and faults. However, that is only one more ingredient of the connection as a couple.

The romantic story that is written on the basis of need and healing wounds tends to be a karmic relationship. Moving away from a mastery of love.

The couple is the compression of knowing that both can compete that both can catapult themselves to a new level in balance. Each relationship is a team and at the same time the personal respect of each individual. The individual must walk to the side, neither above nor below. in equity, in mutuality, in a mutual agreement where that relationship makes your life feel better than without it.

The opportunity for someone to give you their soul and the intimacy of their body is not something random, it is something sacred. and thus it should be considered on both sides as the temple where both loved ones give and receive love in divine union.

I hope this image will inspire you to use the meditation that I am attaching and receive guidance about your love story and may love guide you.

You can find it on my youtube channel @Encdoedfrequency and is called Light Language of the Heart Chakra 💚

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