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Twin flame ART - Karma versus L

Love is always and will be the most powerful force to connect, open the heart and flow in the creation of the life force with the joy of living.

In the cycle of time and the incarnation, many contracts are made with different agreements in relation to love to grow together, learn to become saints in each life until merging into a single being with the divine spirit of the source upon returning to the point where everything began and to renew oneself again in a new being with the same heart.

Every love, romantic or not, grows in the heart and leaves its mark. a tattoo that reflects something of being seen in other eyes.

Sometimes the souls are entangled in situations within the illusion where the drama and the conflict create an exceptional learning of the being within its evolution and the mastery of love.Beyond the story of this life and that love is represented as the one that left the broken heart for you to stick it and the one that made your heart bloom like the sun in the spring at dawn in joy of the joy of being .When between souls that romantically connected for a date or a life there was pain, resentment that only permeates history.

Outside of the illusion, souls continue to be part of the whole and will come again and again to exchange roles between love and heartbreak until they become saints.Between life and life these souls feel attracted or there is an instant rejection when unconsciously the experience of now is mixed with that of another line of life and the present is mixed at a multidimensional level.

In the fifth dimension or in the astral world from the fourth dimension, souls meet, live together, guide each other, agree on new ways to get to know each other again and sometimes they are never both on the same time lines.

these encounters, soul mates sometimes on different planes meet through love to guide each other. During this drawing, souls that have not met but already know each other and have been seen many times are reflected.She expresses "Of all the loves, this has been the best" and is reflected in another life where the connection, the companionship, the reciprocal love are reflected, walking not above or below but to the side.

Love always transforms, evolves and is the seed to flourish together like a canvas that colors a new story of being companions on the journey.He announces a sign when apparently in the near future and the least expected moment your heart will recognize in the unknown the signature energy of love already known in the alchemy of souls through love.May love guide you and may this image be an amulet where there is an agreement of love for mutual benefit and for the greatest and highest good and so be it.

With LOVE 

Playlist of Light Language Guided Meditation & Code to activate a Divine Romantic Partnership | Twin flame

Suggested tips:

*Visualize a white pillar of light and ask to clean your being.

*Request Assistance; make your invocation, whom, why, when, How.

*You can write your intentions or copy the prayer I add on the link and modified it according to your needs.

*Choose your meditation and protect your body of light meeting your ( Divine Partner in soul form)

* add “At this time I send this request to my higher self who knows how

This intention is fulfilled I am thanks for the perfect answer that creates, upgrade a new agreement between our souls that equally benefit each other highest outcome and the highest outcome for all. In the rightful way, in divine order and I’m grateful because it’s already done, so this is.”

*Trust it’s Done, send love and appreciation because your request was already answered.

*Do this ritual as many times you want whether you want to upgrade the relationship you already have or manifest one.

*if you are in one already but isn’t the highest outcome then do a cord cutting or upgrade contacts first and let Divine order yo let you know when it’s time to bring newness after you let go the old.

*Follow your intuition and believe that you can manifest all you deserve, it’s possible and there is a greater potentials to conspire on your behalf.

*Do it to align a constant state of becoming Love in whatever way feels right for you.

*you can adjust your intentions at all times.

May this be valuable and for the highest outcome for all.

I’m attaching a playlist of 88 light language meditations that will assist you to align to the highest and best outcome for all


Shed a light!

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