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Twin flame art that comes from Pleiades

This artistic light code, set against the backdrop of the Pleiades constellation, symbolizes a lifetime from another plane that has come to bestow its blessings upon this connection. The image beautifully portrays the souls connecting on a spiritual level, radiating a gentle, glowing light.

The blue circles within the image represent symbolic blocks that have been removed, clearing the path for their union. In contrast, the golden circles symbolize lifetimes in which they have already been together, now converging to co-create this profound and enduring bond.

The Pleiades constellation shines with the light of love and unity, and our souls are entwined in this celestial dance. I am here to share my light with you, to guide you, and to be your unwavering support.

As we traverse the cosmic expanse, the blue circles you see represent the obstacles that have been removed, making a way for our union. The golden circles mean the countless lifetimes we've spent together, converging to create this extraordinary connection.

Feel the warmth and radiance of this love from the Pleiades.

Let love yo guide you

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