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Twin flame Art - The Mastery of Love Soulmates Vs Twin flames

Twin flame Art - The Mastery of Love Soulmates Vs Twin flames

Soulmates are contra fractal souls that separate from the spirit creating families of the Soul, which change roles in the journey through time.

Soul groups have group meats, sometimes in pairs where the soul splits back into male and female exchanging experience. We can say that it is as if two reflections of the same seed decide to separate into many reflections in order to get to know each other, thus forming a more complete way.Although soulmates can emanate a non-romantic love, one of the most intimately transformative are the Romantics.

A Twin Soul as well as a twin flame are a connection agreement because at some point, in some dimension, frequency or vibration each soul fragments into multiple versions of itself.

As the half orange would not apply, a counter fragment is not one half of a "One", but rather two complements aligned in divine and Feminine which may or may not be associated with gender.A romantic soulmate can be just as rewarding, loving, or complicated and difficult to experience as a twin flame.

The truth is that there are many different definitions, however I have learned that the difference is the depth of the connection.A Romantic soulmate connects only in the third dimension and whether it is positive or not depends on the ability of both loved ones to be open to growing together and at the same level.

Without being above or below but walking side by side and creating a life project where loving each other makes them stronger when there is compatibility, respect, good communication and above all when the maor always flourishes.Instead a Twin Flame communicates at a soul level in which the loved ones may or may not be in a physical body.

The gender, planet, dimension is not an impediment to be the reason for the other to become love. It tends to be romantic, sensual, passionately intense although on occasion I have seen brotherly love where they are unconditionally loving but there is no romantically physical chemistry between them.

Sometimes a loved one only comes in spirit and the astral world is where the couple has their mission and goals where the most important is to love. At other times, that twin flame appears temporarily to initiate a DNA activation, light body, and before long vanishes like a leaking star.Without being quantified by the time of connection, it always changes his beloved who is deeply touched and transformed into a better version of himself.

I have also observed how some come in groups where a soul has 5 other counter fractals in a twin flame alignment..Even the same twin flame is fragmented in more than 1 version where it appears as karma, the one that recalibrates the mastery and in the end comes the one that is the graduation of love.

Let's say that the one who already touched where the two have already done their personal work, and share experience not out of necessity but for pleasure. From where the beloved is as happy as he is and is that her partner is just the plus of the integrity that already emanates.

In addition, the twin flames will be awake, if they are both in the human body, they will use telepathy, astral travel and most of the time I have appreciated that they work together on their spirituality.Regardless of whether it is a twin flame or just a soulmate, the only purpose is always to love.

At all times, in all dimensions and all that we love fits perfectly to draws naturally as the infinite wisdom in me as my higher self is bringing us together in perfect synchronicity for all that is and for the highest and highest good.

Recognizing ourselves is instantaneous, simple and in a deep connection at all levels.

At this time I send this request to my higher self who knows how

This intention is fulfilled I am thanks for the perfect answer that creates, upgrade a new agreement between our souls that equally benefit each other highest outcome and the highest outcome for all. In the rightful way, in divine order and I’m grateful because it’s already done, so this is.

I’m attaching a playlist of 88 light language meditations that will assist you to align to the highest and best outcome for all

Shed a light!

May love fill you constantly and infinitely 

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