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Twin flame Art ~ Karmic Teachers

Twin flame Art - The Master Beloved this image links Pleiades with Atlantis and a promise to help each other to grow and repair some distortions created from Atlantis timeline.

The Pleiades twin flame guides assist by merging with them to repattern the Soul into a greater alchemy.

During the creation of the drawing I observed how both Soils and other soil extensions re~evaluate their own agreements and set new directions into their journey to assist the highest outcome for all.

As past was written into a new narrative all timelines have a butterfly effect and from karma to dharma all align into the best Divine order for all.

Agreements can be redo all time and timelines can shift narrative if the context is changed as all agreed into a new outcome in the Soul level.

Higher Selves, guides and all cocreate to assist in the level that free will is respected

There are souls whose agreement is that you went through a romantic relationship where there is a distorted pattern that has been experienced in more than one reality at the same time and has not been able to be harmonized.

Without time or space everything happens in the now so in the best version of you and in this case it comes to do it through being masters of life who work from energetic alterations to help their loved one against fractal guiding him to transform in the best version of himself.

This metamorphosis can be in the two loved ones, especially in divine order, since each contract must be beneficial for both, however, the greatest benefit is for the group of souls.

These relationships in this reality are usually temporary and help the transformation of the being to be aligned for a second or perhaps third couple in which assistance can be more pleasant and which have been generally called karmic.

How to know if a relationship that can be family, friendship, work or in this case romantic is Karmic?There may be many patterns or even patterns that are not very coincident, however it will be characterized as being without flow.

Cycles that are repeated in different situations and similar to childhood traumas or associated with distorted behaviors in the family such as addiction for example.

Each loved one pushes the power of the vibration to settle on the balance side of her which creates instability and is fertile ground for manipulation, obsession, fear, control, abuse in general will not feel right.

It is associated with mistakes, guilt, inferiority, lack of courage, sadness and without apparent purpose where opposite poles of the same pattern collide with each other from the extremes without being able to find a middle point of mutual support.

Some of the loved ones will be at a disadvantage and the interaction between what is given and what is received is not reciprocal.

In this case, if you feel that you are in a karmic relationship, it is advisable to do a meditation where you clean the cords and update the contract. When she feels in alignment then her intuition will tell her what else is going on and what is her highest and greatest good.

Sometimes these relationships are transformed by finding balance and in others the best path is to walk in another destiny and align with another soul to continue evolving in your soul in a loving harmony.

I hope that these words will help you and that they are valuable, remember that the most important message always comes from your intuition.

With Love ❤️

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