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Twin Flame Art ~ Mars Timelines

Twin Flame Art ~ Mars Timelines

The image as the background tell a story on Mars, where this couple where departing to Earth in order to survive and continue their journey through the Ascención into the 5th Dimension.

This story was showing to me in a fascinating way the strong connection with the Luminaries Alquemists from Mars in times of ascension to the Fifth Dimension, where the planet was divided between the shamanic magicians that where masters on the Alchemy of the Light called the Luminaries and the Martian warriors who fought for power and control of the population.

The planet was being destroyed in this timeline between the constant fight to earn the power and control, as the running out of water, and the fire was being multiplied making almost impossible to survive with a physical body.

The couple was part of a tribe whom learned to master the mind in such a powerful way they could create illusions that would temporarily change reality through the mastery of the mind in connection with the Light and assisted by their Galactic Guides from Sirius, Pleiades, Orion and Lyra.

The ending of the reality was imminent and they new the apocalypse was coming and they chosen to migrate to Earth to ascend in a benevolent timeline and the other half of their Soul would go to Orion to have an alike experience and to master themselves against control and power.

The timelines on Earth along to control the power are very mild in comparison with what was manifested in those places before their Ascention into the Fifth Dimension and other aspect reincarnated in higher timelines to be their guides in ( Sirius, Orion, Pleiades and Lyra).

During this timeline even it was very channeling they enjoyed living together and having the capacity the lean on each other and be each other motive to cocreate love in expansion.

And many agreements where created to explore the reason to be in Love being grateful to find each other to discover new adventures and explore all spectrums of Love.

In some timelines is was not easy but the Heart always remembered them to find and recognize each other and recognize how delightful is to conquer each others Heart and find reasons to conceive how to flow Love as the rain falls from the sky.

Each others blueprint is so similar which complements each others journey doing their best to maintain they alignment to be in each other vortex to access the Heaven when they Love each other no matter where they are holding hands in their journey to ascention.

His message -“ My Love for you will always be where you are, it won't matter if it is aligned or out of balance, no matter what ... my Soul will be such a lovely thing to feel, my Love pouring through you and your pains would never be enough to override my LOVE “.

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