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Twin Flame Drawing ❤️

Twin flame drawing

Greetings and blessings.

We ask you to come to be one with this consciousness. To assemble you for clearing/healing, which we enable by holding hands.

Holding hands being the technique that motivates you for the knowledge that will come forth.

We are not just one but are many, we also ask you to participate, and have the willingness to allow your guides to facilitate the connection. Blending you into our consciousness which is made up of multidimensional energies.

We are all together in this pool of oneness.

The twin flame relationship could be one or more of many form one that is most characteristic of twin flames is at least a period of being lovers. ...

however, there is neither guarantee nor requirement for the twin flame relationship to be one between lovers or be together when these travelers meet, they come to help each other to expand and grow in many ways.

There are many forms the twin flame relationship can hold.

When twins find each other in the physical form, there is a feeling that they already know each other and time doesn’t exist since they are connected soul to soul in many levels of consciousness.

There is a sense of knowingness that bypass logic and common sense and instantly triggering each other to the core, so the healing takes place a very intense way.

Intense magnetic attraction to each other and tend to be very sensual and passionate. Being totally the opposite and at the same time the same values, desires, and dreams.

These relationships with souls, that we have shared past lives with, help each of us to heal and evolve as we meet again and again.

However, these agreements between souls are always for the greater good of both. Who you are in a relationship determines the inner resources that must be brought into it.

The relationship with the self, it is what matters most - from our point of view the more humans are able to show who they are with openness, to be nakedly open and present, and thus the more satisfying the relationship will be.

Human love connections are meant to be fulfilling. If they aren't, it's not because of your twin, compatibility, or matching value, it is about how deeply truthful you can be with yourself in sharing space with another.

The sacred intimacy can be so deep that it literally provides the space to intensively heal.

You'll want to be present and accepting of who you are. To love to the fullest because you provide one another the safe opening for emotional and deep healing to take place.

You may effortlessly heighten this twin Love connection through your choice to grant the opening to the heart frequency into your awareness, as the contract has been upgraded, please take into consideration divine timing has an important key in this twin love equation.

For the next few years, you will notice a shift and convoy circumstances that will help you to align with the manifestation of your twin flame relationship.

Love, light and blessings

Twin Flame Council

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