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Twin flame Drawing

Greetings all of sacred love,

We are the collective of the highest love, and we are in charge of the contracts of souls who wish for twin souls or even twin flame souls. These souls only have the purpose of loving each other unconditionally.

This concept has been distorted in its reality timelines throughout the centuries. From our elevated point of view these sacred souls travel through time and Galaxy to share in this journey and learn to express unconditional love in separation. This drawing speaks of how souls in the infinite expression of the soul share an open heart experience.

The souls that we will talk about today are apart of the so- called twin flame concept that will be updated with this explanation.

According to the law of the ONE, we are all connected and we are seeds born from the same source. Seeds that are fragmented to acquire and reflect the view of new life and this happened because the creator of all that is could not see itself in union as a whole, because without division it was not easy to perceive details and he decided to separate to see himself.

And so it separated, separated and separated into thousands of fragments with magnificent individuals that varied in light and density creating the matrix.

The fragments were creating alliances, contracts and agreements within their group of souls that we will call oversoul.

Each fragment has a group of twin souls that is coordinated into a group of 12 souls that are exchanged between couples, parents, friends and enemies to learn from each other and help each other by being the reflection of the mirror in which the soul sees itself. Herself.

The souls that decide to be romantic couples - contrary to popular belief.. are usually the ones that feel the most challenged. These souls meet and are attracted most of the time without logic, or common sense.

Within these attractions the goal is to teach yourself to love others as well as to be yourself, as an individual. Sometimes these alliances are pre- arranged in multiple lives in which they interconnect in order to learn how to love unconditionally.

Unconditional love is not limited by rules, it is only given with an open heart and when souls decide to give themselves in unconditional love there is a sacred sweetness about it.

The love is the alchemy where both souls can learn to appreciate each other’s soul by their hearts being touched by looks and smiles.

In hard times they are the stable blocks of love that can be leaned on for each other and when turned to- be the strength for one another.

This is the ultimate goal of a romantic agreement. Humans frequently seek love as it is true nature.

When a soul entrusts their heart to you they are giving you a piece of their soul. You can not treat the soul casually for it is sacred.

Each relationship must be protected, nurtured, and handled with love and in gratitude for the trust someone else gave to you.

Love between partners is scared. The inner God is activated by loving each other and they grow together as they become stronger in challenges.

The ultimate goal is to love each other, take care of each other and to walk back to the source.

The couple in this story have traveled worlds looking for each other.. in each timeline, meeting, and having different bodies and names but with the same loving hearts.

Commitment is pure love, mutual respect, and learning to love each other while honoring each other by teaching each other love.

Love that is treasured with affection and with the desire to love and be loved in the looks of loving eyes shining when being in love.

Giving themselves everything that is given to them and giving themselves that and much more to later recognize themselves again and again in another body and with another man to be hung from the arms of the familiar loved one.

Divine smiles when making love with hugs of light shining with the stars of the sky that are sought and recognized when the soul functions in the alchemy of high sacred love.

In the divine union the God crosses the hearts from the sacred source where the bodies become the elixir of love in the physical shining like a headlight.

Loving each other as a couple when in balance, pure and with respect is a prayer that is a song of love in heaven.

This drawing today represents a mutual agreement to love, respect and walk together in the infinite journey of the soul, and such an agreement is made at the higher self level.

The divine order will intervene for the greater good of the whole and so be it.

With high love, The Guides

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