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Twin Flame Drawing - Alcyone timeline the Power of Love

Twin Flame Drawing - Alcyone timeline the Power of Love

During this Twin Flame Drawing, Soulmates from the Pleiades come to tell a love story and give a message encoded in Unconditional Love.

This relationship occured in Alcyone where the twins of the Fifth Dimension reveal us a story where these loved ones meet and since then they overcame an intertwined destiny... and afterward he saw her he knew and since she knew it he saw it,... it was seen in his blue eyes, as they felt the expansion in their hearts that it was enjoyable to be together. Twin Flame Connection light language upgrading contracts

It is perceived like a crystal world, as if it came out of a magical science fiction movie with the touch of sweet fantasy, star trails and cities made of Light with new more pearly colors,... all in different shades, so pleasing to the eye that just by appreciating you sense the sky in the chest.

On the mentioned plane the total emanates Healing Frequencies, with tonalities that amplifies the Heart.... Everything is interactive, assuming it as a grid of Light and crystal with jasmine fragrance, as a consequence the total seems apparently edible, in such matter the Light animated your Being, furthermore it is sweet, soft, loving as if choirs of heavenly angels sing in unison from the stars and in that moment love and peace are one with the Universe.

They came from a collective that executed diplomatic missions for the Galactic Federation of Light and also had spiritual guidance chambers for all kinds of beings seeking to ascend to the 6th Dimension where they will become guides. This plane has buildings that look like snow castles and cotton candy with chocolates, that is the best description.. everything is adorable!!! They have healing chambers where angels help realign holographic patterns through quantum healing.

Sparkling beating Hearts Love and companionship getting to know each other again and creating a new story story where she discovers how amusing he is, and when he made her laugh and decided to simply give himself up like this unity from the Soul feeling the expansion and integrity, as the purity in the hearts,... Simply the desire to Love each other.

In this level everything is part of the consciousness of the Heart of Alcyon and this couple of loved ones prepare and study their vocation on diplomacy of the 7 Pleiadian Stars.

In a very loving way they are always together and let their butterflies vibrate in their stomachs in love feeling that together they rediscover themselves in the arms of Love and in that second of meeting again all hesitation vanished and because getting together felt infinite as if there was so much for discover being in Love with life itself than to cross paths.

This couple not only learns to Love and get to know each other in every breath, they pour out their Souls and complement each other and vibrate in the same frequency, the frequency of love, and allow the Universe to be filled with details of what is to come until it is a door of Love. .

These loved ones share in their state of constant Love their Souls in a multidimensional way where she deposits seeds of Light in the joy of the Heart of her beloved and she blooms Love with a jasmine scent, feeling inspired to be a better version of herself.

When the loved one feels in disharmony, he is supported by his beloved in a portal of Love that without judging deposits seeds of Love to heal together through his divine feminine that is peace, Love, goodness and creation. In gratitude, the loved one gives his cunning to learn to be better by being patient when the other one feels in disharmony, he comes and without judging her, holds her with his loving arms, offering her protection, to fill and reassure her, as well as to adore and love her unconditionally.

Along with that they coincide each other walking together, learning, healing and loving each other on their way home to the house that lives in his Heart.


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