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Twin Flame Drawing Atlantis

Twin Flame Drawing

Love Light Codes

Loving Greetings ~

Take a moment to feel the Tale of Love that you see expanded in your Heart before reading, acknowledging your connection to All That Is Love.

Just live in the moment, recognizing the Gratitude of Love present in your life. Recognize the connection of the Sacred Union of Two Souls that collaborate together to create a Sacred Union.

The alchemy in which we help you to align yourself today is the purest connection that Humans can express in the Dynamics of Love.

Romantics are not forced. They feel and flow with them, having the ability to adapt to collaborate with a Loved Partner who is a Teacher of Life.

Master that Life comes as a Loved One, to reflect your Weaknesses and Strengths, in a reflection where the Sacred Union will Heal Distortions and Raise Hearts to the Highest Expression ~ Elevated Love of the Soul.

This is a Love that frees you and makes you closer to your True Essence, where each of you is different. You do not need to be together all the time to accompany each other from the Connection of the Heart.

This is a Sacred Union that will help you to know yourself in the reflection that you see in the eyes of your Loved One, where the bodies enter the dynamics of the Expression of Human Love raised to the Sacred Union.


Leave your expectations, open yourself to what your Soul really wants outside of the False Ego.

Accept What Is without the need to possess another. Flow With Love and Vibrate It.

Have confidence that everything happens because of something, where you do not get attached to what you want. Accept what you can flow in Sacred Elevated Love in Divine Union.

Trust and hope that the sky will come down in the arms of your Loved One. Rise in the Clouds of Love, with Kisses of Light and Charisms that Heal, while your Beloved and you walk together, rising to Heaven in Love. And So Be It.

Greetings of Light and Blessings of Love.

~ Twin Flame Council

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