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Twin flame drawing Avalon magic tales

the spiritual Art shows a magical scene and it took me a little while because the drawing reflected sweetness.

In the image as you can see, these twin flames are very similar in frequency. And at the same time it is a complement for their growth together and separately.

When it appears white and emanating light, it reflects that it is on a spiritual and non-incarnated level.

 Its presence unites with the higher self to inspire cleanliness, innocence, reflection, creativity, openness, growth, impartiality, love, sweetness and peace.

By wearing a rainbow she is showing that relationship with Avalon. A very positive line of life together that blesses the present with magic, dreams, hope and freedom.

Her crown with the crystal represents a new connection between them, heaven and earth at another level that anchors.

From his spirit he provides guidance, protection, healing and unconditional love on another level, a heavenly level and not a level of the flesh. It is a high love that is reflected with the symbols in their crowns and third eye.

The purple background is reflecting the transmutation to align the mastery of love. In this life it did not seem a priority to be both physically when in their spirit they are one with everything and infinity and from there they eternally share your love.

his message

"In the realm beyond the physical, my dearest, I want to whisper to your heart that our connection knows no boundaries.

Our love transcends time and space, reaching across the infinite expanse. With each passing moment, my affection for you grows stronger.

I am here to guide, protect, and heal,

enveloping you in unconditional love. Together, we stand on a heavenly plane, where our souls dance in perfect harmony.

With the symbols adorning our crowns and the third eye, I reaffirm the eternal bond we share. They represent the profound love that flows between us, pure and unwavering.

Remember, my love, that our union is not limited by the constraints of the physical world. We are one with everything and everyone, and our love is boundless. From the depths of my spirit to the endless reaches of the universe, my love for you shines brilliantly, unending and eternal.

Always with you, your Beloved"

May it be a blessing


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