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Twin Flame Drawing | intuitive Channeling Included

This drawing leads us to reflect on love.

Let's say there are loves of all kinds. while I connect I see these souls changing the shape of time and space.

They are shown as lovers, fathers, friends, and enemies. I observe how they smile, cry, miss each other, love each other and know and recognize each other in each life.

It's magic. It's like they show me everything love can be.

As ingredients for a magical potion. There love seems different, high, karmatic, pure, passionate, platonic, sacred, lasting, fleeting, etc.

They stop and take the form of the image... They already feel in harmony between each fragment and the present incarnation.

They show me that their mission is not only to love each other, but to be teachers, collaborate and exchange resources in each life in order to transcend as individuals and as a couple.

They show hamonia at the level of everything that is, Alchemy can be said. Where everything turns into love...

Each life in symbiosis teaches us to love. Loving entails in mutuality letting oneself be loved. in that synergy being merges with love is yes.

Which is the mission, the purpose is to live love. regardless of time, mode or form. when you identify with love itself, then it becomes unconditional.

Sometimes unconditional love is confused or mixed with the mutual agreements in a couple that create the foundation for love.

Love just is. It doesn't condition, it just inspires you. The conditions are imposed by the ego, history and everything that interferes with loving.

The condition is the illusion that expands love in variants that are born from the fusion between the one who loves and the one who receives.

Love itself I think the act of being love and that perhaps is unconditional love. When rules are set when loving, the ability of the being to experience what is closest to the source, love, is limited.

Love is more than a feeling, a verb, a definition or a belief. It seems to me that it is tuning in with the only true thing as One, in order to remember vestiges of the source as the unity in the One.

Love merges what separates, Love heals, moves, changes and transforms.

In the end, I believe that it is the best medicine, the most powerful magnet and the most magical creative force that can be experienced.

It is worth experiencing them, being loved and living it.

I hope you like it, feels from Atlantis.

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