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Twin Flame Drawing Lemurian Time

Twin Flame Drawing ~ Lemurian Timeline

During this drawing I was transported to Lemurian times where the Divine Feminine exalted by women was Honardo and the feminine mystery schools where magic, sorcery, and spells helped develop the amplification of the Crown Chakra and the gift of intuition.

The women began to develop the Heart Chakra upwards where a sixth sense through intuition represented the connection with the creator and her divine masculine complemented in the physical.

LOVE is Alchemy!

A complement is mentioned not because they were halves of an orange but because their strengths and weaknesses are divided to organize themselves fluidly in a team where the loved one, when misaligned, feels inspired to align himself with the best version of himself by seeing, admiring the strengths, wisdom of its divine complement.

When the loved one is in balance, you become the inspiration to enhance LOVE that is the sacred and divine elixir that reminds thee of your own essence, the closest to the celestial sky.

Love Is Powerful!

The sacred alchemy of Love in sacred union that exalts what you already are, so that you harmonize with the God in you not because your loved one does it or you, but because together in a vortex of Love that feels that one Love so much what they have created together that gratitude overflows your chest illuminating every part of your being.

The human being fall in Love because they seeks to be the Love that returns him to his own essence in the reflection of his loved one and motivation to Love and practice making Love, together learning from each other, creating, healing, and motivating each other to learn of the teacher that is reflected in your loved one.

A balanced couple relationship invites God to presence, the appreciation of what it feels like to live that divine and almost religious experience of loving and at that level no conditions are needed to Love and without any need the memory of the divinity in the Heart is reactivated flowing Love as you expand your Soul together.

Love when it is in sacred union is aligned with the best version of each loved one and the Lemuria in the sacred circles of learning the art of Love was learned and practiced.

LOVE is Expansion!

The Divine Masculine represented the Heart Chakras below to bring a secure foundation for him and his beloved one as they enjoyed the art of loving and providing physical needs to the Divine Feminine who channeled God's Love into creation.

The Love that nourishes the Soul, the body and expands the experience by developing the gifts of God.

In this drawing it reflects how the Souls in the Aura Diamande Crystalina Love each other in the union of the bodies in the art of loving.

This lifeline was a very happy one in the most stable of the Lemurian creator of the Temples of the 7 Rays where in these Akashic Records you belonged to the Golden Ray that slowed down the Lemurian dragons and your beloved one and the dragons were warriors to protect the village.

Your Divine Feminine was a nurse, as well as a dragon, babe and midwife of women, in a lifeline where magic was perceived and fantasy awakened the connection with the limitless.

May this drawing be a token of LOVE, so that in the vortex of your Soul Love always flows... and so be it.

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