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♥️⭕️❤️Twin Flame Drawing ~ Angelic Divine Counterpart ❤️⭕️♥️

♥️⭕️❤️Twin Flame Drawing ~ Angelic Divine Counterpart ❤️⭕️♥️

this couple presents itself in its angelic aspect as the higher selves that agree and share a journey to evolve together and where you and your partner are physical extensions of your source aspects What is twin flame love? Love is the essence of the source vibrating through you thanks to the connection with someone or something that sweet and healthy frequency is activated.

That love that in an instant feels like the leaf that floats without direction when it separates from its tree and love becomes the wind that supports it so that it gently finds a direction and a new and loving feeling of being supported blooming from within. you and emanated the sky itself in every pore of your skin.

maybe when love is romantic you feel safe to see yourself through their eyes in the reflection of your divine soul and you find someone who reflects that desire to align with love and love not because the loved one does things to make you feel loved but because it prompts you to become love and love loves because it is designed to love and feels as is the universe is on your side. perhaps when you find the fortune that someone entrusts his soul and heart through the connection of love with you, it is not something random, it is an honor and invites you to treat your loved one as you lovingly treat yourself and it feels easy, he mapor is simple and it feels safe and real and at the same time true and divine and it also feels that when you are love you feel in celestial heaven.

When love is honest and open, it feels delicious and makes you feel the passion that awakens from within you infinitely and is easy to recognize each other and is going to be very fun to grow, heal and evolve together. The twin flame love feels as if no words are needed, the heart communicates at all levels and when you meet in a fiscal you instantly feel you already know each other for eternity. The twin flame love feels as if you are the air that, when loving, supports your beloved as the leaf that flew looking for the feeling sustained in that loving sky that is given and enjoyed when a loving relationship can become a mutual desire to dance through life and shine together like stars in the galaxy I feel physically and divinely connected through the love in the most intimate and sweet way I know love awakens activated the strong in the reflection of your beloved with an equal desire to be together and enjoy the journey together on the way home finding his home in the loving heart and flowing with the source in divine union.

this twin flame love feels unconditional like the drop of rain that falls from the sky and is held in the magnificent ocean inspiring the drop of water to become something greater the ocean itself and as is a higher power comes to hold you through the most delightful love as us the sunshine was just created for you to feel blow out by the magnificent of the sun gazing gently illuminating your soul That is what this drawing reflects: the activation where you allow yourself to manifest that complement that manifests with you to express and experience that love in the physical and it will be easy and fun when it manifests in your reality so it has been manifested and so it has been decreed and so be.

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