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Twin flame drawing ~ Lemuria

Twin flame drawing ~ Lemuria

This divine partner is from another time and space from the time of Lemuria where both were keepers of the crystal temples on the land of Mu. They have been traveling together throughout time and space on earth and in other dimensions as teachers, healing each other pushing each other to grow and become their best.

They both speak the language of love breathing each other soul in the infinity. In this drawing their souls received a blessing and purified by the power of love.In this drawing the energy of kundalini will ignite the sacred fire as an expression of higher love.

An awakened woman will know when her beloved needs some time to deal with its own battles and self heal through the power of love. As the power of love flows with out judging, awakened men need to be patient to his beloved making her feel safe and protected to share her love and sacred heart. Awakened relationships do not come from need, or I will love you if you do…. They are unconditional. Your love is shared without limitations in the infinite expression of the soul.

Awaken people often need a little time and space where they can go to be alone and recalibrate their light, interweaving with the feeling. The feeling becomes the voice of the soul and often it will blend with the feelings of all others making it hard to hear your own voice. Solitude time is being steady with your own light and your own voice to discover the sound of your frequencies. And from there at peace with yourself. all other relationships will grow and flourish in the same balance and nourishment you give yourself. When you love yourself you give to your loved one the time space and opportunity to go and make contact with their mind, and that is a sacred relationship. When your beloved entrusts their soul to you, they are offering you a sacred fraction of their heart and that is Sacred. You cannot treat the soul casually. You must protect, nurture and handle it with care giving it time to flourish as is meant to be, The love is simple and is the essence of all.

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