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Twin flame Drawing ~ Timeline Atlantis ~ Spiritual

Twin flame Drawing ~ Timeline Atlantis

This Souls are part of the Atlantis Collective in their Timelines Atlantis was a organic timeline and they ascend in 5th dimension and become being of light. I must say they look very extravagant and their skin was glowing and every time you think on them through the image they will come yo help you on anything you need he is Deo and she is Ada.

In this reality both souls have not met yet in the physical but they showed up in a wedding dress which means it has already created the energy level and time will make it happen in the physical when divine order comes.

Every relationship is a mirror back and there is courage that is required to be ourselves and it takes self knowledge without that there is no such thing as intimacy.

The ideal when you look for a divine partner who will be the vibrational being who is guided to explore the romance in a passionate, sacred and sensual lover but at the same time seeking spiritual growth together from our perspective.

How do I find your soulmate you must be asking in your inner mind?

Humans have this idea on the spiritual road that sensual love, intimate balance giving and receiving romantic relationships do not get along and it can be a huge block for many who are seeking their true- identity but at the same time what a matching partner that will mirror that balance and growth back.

The way we perceive this type of human relationship in a open and commingle harmony where both heal each other but at the same time are delighted to walk together accompanied each other without the need to make each other happy just because it feels so right than the desire of share experience together and be soul naked comes with a willing desire or work things out.

In addition to that, each human will carry a baggage from past experience that will intermingle I to the most deepest growth for everyone included becoming a soul dance singing the song of the heart, where each heart shows up open a flowing vibrating intimacy, the vibrational being that will jump into the adventure of a passionate partner in crime that will be the master who will push you to pull the best version of yourself as your mirror.

The best mirror relationship for humans is the lover, the real you starts to show up at that level of intimacy.

Relationships become this marvelous place where humans can prepare each other for the greatest transformational road of the soul.

This does not have to do anything with gender, it does have to do with partnership but also humans have to know who they are. It takes self knowledge to allow other humans to see your vulnerability, flaws, deepest wounds, desires to be, and relinquish dreams together.

From our perspective the most delightful experience comes when humans begin to sync with knowing who you are and allowing yourself to be who you are even when it is risky. And the more you are you, and the more you let yourself be seen, the more truthful it is and the easier it is to intermingle yourself with another soul.

The most you are you, the most honest, delightful will be when a deep relationship and connection soul to soul it will be when to soul in physicality will be easier to have a deep, intimate, loving, compassionate, supportive, your spiritual freedom, that require both participation in both individuals spiritual freedom that will be the perfect relationship.

Discovering yourself in the eyes of the beloved becomes the closest to a heaven for any human being, the heart becomes one and starts with this pure being that you are that blends with the quality of the relationship that is not aligned with survival.

The type of relationship that is entangled with soul expansion, spiritual support and for the most part equally sensual, loving caring, enormously satisfying and all our desires to choose and improve relationships into a spiritual significant life event.

We want you to know this is the generation that can choose the type of quality in the relationships that are aligned with multidimensionality and all this is happening at the time of the greatest awakening in human history.

This twins, soul, divine partners came to a really realistic and deeply satisfying for both soul to keep growing in a constant road of expansion where to people are growing at the same rate with an infinite rediscovery with a parallel freedom road the aligns the safety to be yourself and at the same time does not take away from you in the contrary it give you the foundation to be you, totally aligned with your soul and being able to have the balance that all your relationships are aligned with the universe within.

with Love, Many blessings 💙

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