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Twin flame drawings

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The image comes on a digital format with a channeled msg and a live - recorded session

Please order yours at

This connection goes beyond the human mind and logical understanding they vibrate at the soul. You can touch the heart of each other without touching the skin....heart melt into one sacred Union where two souls are equally giving and receiving, surrender to destiny, being courageous to open their heart to the sweetest love experience, holding the hand of their love, caressing whispers of source, gently exploding hearts interweaving the passion and desire, where glowing souls blend into one.

Growing together and seeing through the eyes of the beloved.

The portal of the inner god embracing a piece of heaven, infinitely vibrating within the human body, in the form of the cosmos exploding in love and culminating in an invasion of peace. This month special has a session included with the drawing order yours

For some months I have been working with TF drawings this is something that on my personal life i am destined to experience and through my experience i have been manifesting the possibility to work on a co-creation with all of you.

Lately I have been given a new assigment to be working wit the TF on the energy level.

What do I do?

I cant ensure you guys will met yours in the phisical since you guys have free will and also your own soul contract and pre agreement aobut the situaiton and soul you want to cross path before incarnating on this plane.

So What do you do Grethel. I met them on dream state from what i have seen, se upgrate the contract at the soul lebvel and as a mediator i work closely with both parties for both of you the get the best outcome invluding the souls around you.

i have seen myself creating this cords energeticaly between souls some in human form some in diferent planes of existance. so when you guys request for your TF drawing i do connect on the astral i do not remember all we agree, neither you both and image it is download on me and a message sometimes the message has a story form another time and space a romantic interwined beyond the beyond.

I am working personaly with the TF councuil to a get a message honestly we are all diferent and i am seeing all kinds of types of relationships between souls over this last months i have been working with them.

The twin flame coucil it is made for all the ascended masters and archangels twins they have been closily working with the one have assigned to have this type f soul connection. when i do the drawing i do create an i mage that is healing for both and aligned the energies to match in balance at the soul level.

which can facilitate to manifest the relationship on the phisical level. the codes I do add they are added on both souls and help the heart to strenthen the connection during the 2 weeks i late to develp the whole process after that i came up with a channeled message and a briefly description about the energy exhanged during my work with both souls i put my heart on each drawing and during the time i am working with you guys you have receive healing form my team of guides.

The image comes on a digital format with a channeled msg and a live - recorded session

Please order yours at

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