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Twin flame drawings

Twin Flame Drawing

Love Alignment Light Codes

Greetings and Blessings, My Beloved One,

We have come in a Circle of One, is the Whole, where we vibrate in 12 Dimensions as Ascended Masters and Beings of Light, that vibrate and have experienced the Sacred Union between Souls, as the Purpose of the Soul.

This transmission has brought the Alchemy of Love and Romance that permeates the Being, from the depths of the cellular structure of an Elixir of Multicolored Love, all resonating as One in a pool of possibilities, to participate in something as beautiful as Love.

This vision is now being permeated through the air that enters your Heart, without any detail, only as the Presence of Being, in Essence, in Presence, and in connection with the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine that separated to experience different Expressions of Being. That would mean that you would be a Unique Identity, but One with God, where the Love of the Beloved vanishes the separation and reconnects you with the Love of God. Everything comes from the Portal of the Heart, where the Magnetism of the Attraction of the Two Intermingled Souls melt into Love. Past traumas and painful memories are released when they come into contact with the Purity of this Love.

Love guides you to be present in your Soul, sharing a Journey where kisses of Light and flirtatious looks in silence let Hearts speak and grow together at the same speed, merging and multiplying, accentuating the Possibility of Expansion when growing in Love.

This Love is of the Moon and the Sun, camaraderie by Day and by Night, where the Light of Love shines in all directions by restoring the Being to be One, by breathing the Love from the lips of the Loved One, carrying the most beautiful Insignia of Love. By honoring the Divine Plan and the preferences of the Other, they enter into a reflection of what the Other desires. This comes to bring Fun and immense Personal Growth of the Universal Presence. By breathing through the Heart individually, but being One with the Loved One, the Heart expands into two, coexisting both Separately and United, and beyond all thought and knowing, going deep into the Presence of Love.

It is our wish that this image be the Symbol of Constant Love in your life, and that It Be So. Many Blessings.

Twin Flame Council

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