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Twin flame Drawings

Twin Flame Drawing - Egyptian timeline

Her Soul chart ~ Lyran, tuned-in to Sirius - Pleiades. Egyptian Gods ~ Atlantis, Anubis and Thoth, Isis, Orion and Andromeda. Deeply connected to the Serpent Lineages ~ the Dragons and the Dracos, Mary Magdalene Grail Line, Thoth/Anubis/Merlin Bloodlines, Star Regulus (Lionheart), Pagan Bloodline and Christ Consciousness, Hydian and Mars, too.

Him Soul chart ~ Connected to Mars, Egypt, Sirius, Pleiades and Orion. Those who carry Hydra Markers in their Birth Chart. Deeply connected to the Serpent Lineages ~ the Dragons and the Dracos, Mary Magdalene Bloodline, Andromeda, Arcturian and Pagan Bloodline, Christ Consciousness. At the same time, connected to Sirius, Annunaki and Andromeda.

Greetings from the Soul,

We are here, being part of your Light, Soul and Wisdom, speaking through the Channel of the Heart in these symbols, encoded in the Sacred

Image of your Soul, in connection with a Partner of your Soul.

Souls that travel through Time and the Cosmos, Making Love and creating something beautiful, and something sacred.

You are being Divinely Guided to a Journey as a Couple, growing together and accompanying each other, in a Soul Connection that intoxicates the Body of Love.

Love that is not defined in Human words, that otherwise is spontaneous, and sparkles Sparks of the Heart that melt in the Flames of the Open Heart, willing to Love in Sacred Union.

Breathing each other, sharing the same Soul in an Infinite and Eternal Breath of Light, that caresses the body in Divine Love.

Souls, that in this Painting of Light, express a time of Egyptian Royalty, where Power and Opulence shone Liquid Gold from the Cosmos.

Divine Starlight, in bodies that meet again and again in Hearts, that present different bodies throughout Eternity. .

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