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Twin Flame Experience

TWINFLAME ART- Light Encoded Love Experiencing a twin flame connection can feel like an exquisite mediation on love as the depth of intimacy makes you transparent to your loved one.

You have to learn to let yourself be seen in a transparent way, which at first is not easy, but it is worth the time that it lasts, it is heaven.The amount of love emanated by the souls in each connection where a thought of a memory of your loved one is like calling by mystical phone. Which is why your loved one will receive the transmission even before he thinks that he will think it would be a good idea.

At that level of pure and elevated love, each interaction is heavenly and not only activates the light body, DNA and the multidimensional memories of your soul, but is deeply healing.

Souls that are transparent, because they allow themselves to be seen in their entirety, and it is the most exquisitely intense, challenging connection, because each one reflects love in an abundant or scarce way. The capacity for intimacy is deep, because the auras are united so that emotions and thoughts come together in the channel of love.

They are kisses of light that touch the soul without touching the body, complicity, companionship and a center of creation, when both loved ones are on the same level and align their principles and goals when loving each other's souls.Although the mission is to love and I understand that it is already completed, the challenge was to remove the conditions to love that this 3d plane has designated to love.

To teach the celestial level, it is necessary to open yourself to the experience using your intuition and letting your heart guide you and show you the best way to love. The sacred space that is created, when there is harmony between the loved ones, is an invitation to love not only with the body and the heart, but with the soul.

Souls that vibrate between looks, hugs of light, placing the heart as the portal where God himself blesses the Divine Union. Pure alchemy between the divine masculine, which builds the foundation through peace, transforms love into a safe space to heal, connect, grow, and evolve together.

In the heart, the masculine establishes protection, being the loving guardian, where the heart opens at all levels from God himself, blessing the Spirit. Loving spirit that permeates the soul with holiness and the body with vibrant love.

In the heart, divine union occurs not only when making love, but also when practicing it in each moment of divine alignment, where the cosmos conspires in divine time, so that souls meet again through the infinite time of eternity over and over again, until they bless themselves and return to the heavenly home.

In the heart and ascending, the beloved as the divine feminine of God channels love, blessing her beloved, pouring from her being the sacred essence that is an elixir worthy of a God, which emanates light from the holy spirit being the loving complement that gives nutrition, kindness, patience and peace to its divine counterpart.

In the heart, both recognize each other over and over again, reborn in love, traveling through the states of consciousness, translating eternity into a second, honoring with respect the opening where the beloved allows himself to be seen in her weaknesses and strengths, feeling whole when loving and reflecting the skills and weaknesses of his beloved.

Reflections that are polished over time like rough diamonds, that are allowed to shine when loving and in a reciprocal way, thanking the experience and the evolution in the mastery of the love of the soul. 

May love guide you, where it always flows abundantly through you, permeating you with high peace, and so be it!


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