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Twin flame Harmony

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Twin Flame Drawing

Twin Flame Harmonization

Greetings Beloved,

In harmony with Love, we are here, humble and honored. As you gaze at this image, let the image permeate your field with Love.

We are always pleased to bring messages that bring clarification and understanding. We want to start with the analogy of what Love is that goes beyond the Human mind. Every Cell Organization that grows on Earth is divided into Higher Consciousness. This Higher Consciousness is called Love. This Love is the Harmonious Sound that resounds through their Hearts.

The way this Sonic Harmonic connects with the Heart is also the web that contains the information between the shape and when the Heart of Harmonic Sound finds another Heart of Harmonic Sound.

Love that permeates the Organism of another Cellular Organism will accelerate the Speed of Vibration, and the Cell Patterning is forever changed. This Redesign will take you on a Journey of Healing and Transformation.

Love becomes the Change that occurs because there is a New Network between Hearts that connects and forms Love Patterns and Connections between You and All Things.

When Love connects in those moments, it will never be the same. In all of those Moments of Love, Light repeats itself. You Human Beings are in a very important Transitional Stage. As we tell you, the increase in Love will change the Speed and Pattern of Light forever, and will evolve at a Higher Speed of Light.

Love withdraws information about the Physical and changes your perception to allow Healing to take place. Relying on this New Perception of Love, the Cellular Organism changes forever. This Connection of Soul Love becomes, in other words, the Best Ally.

Love is magnificent and the most powerful, blissful Healing.

Once those Souls connect in the Physical and bring the Form Connection beyond the Speed of Light, the Harmonic that comes through both DNA’s brings forward a New Pattern of Who You Are and Who You Came To Be. What we're saying is that these associations help you to bring a New Ascended Light.

Let Love flow to match the Frequency of Love.

A Soul that through Time is found vibrating in the Frequency of Love, finds itself in the Harmonic Sound of the Heart. That gives the Activation of Light the Highest Frequency. We know that many of you are having a difficult time with these kinds of Soul Love Connections in which the level of Healing can be intense. It is good to clarify that these connections are not in the vibration of Karma, and are always for the Benefit of Both, without regard to unwrapping the Physical.

Let Love Be.

You are here to usher in a New Form of the way that Love conveys and finds the Sound Harmonic of the Light. Feel and know The Way. It is integrated within you. It is always Perfect and In Harmony with the Divine Within You. Know that the Present Moment is where you will find the Heart Harmonic Sound of the Soul, when both Souls connect, intermingling in the Vibration of Love, with ease and flow. This is when you can notice these New Love Galactic Frequencies of Light.

Love is evolving and changing. It is very important to always honor the Love Beaming Within. The way you also perceive this becomes the glue to how Both can integrate these New Love Templates.

Love is a New Design for you to ground and call forth Love from the entire Universe.

Love is the Guiding Light. It brings Crystalline Love Droplets that nurture you and can align your Physical Body, blending with Love other Energy and the entire Universe, finding the Soul Love Harmonic of the Hearts intermingling together.

Let Love lead you and allow you to grow.

Many Blessings, My Dear One, and Happy Gateway of the Heart.

~ the Twin Flame Council

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