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Twin love from Andromeda

My Drawing of the Light - Andromeda Galaxy

The essence of Orion also has connections in the Andromeda Galaxy: Antares, Pegasus, Messier, Pleiades, Sirius and future earth crystalline elementales, Polaris, Alpha Centauri, Antares, and Sirius in connection with Egypt and the Central sun.

Guardian of Earth this soul came first as dragon of fire and is an elder of earth. This soul is very Orion and connected with the military and the good and bad forces that have fought over centuries trying to conquer the Galactic. The lineage comes as guardian of the galaxy.

The mission comes to remember the pure essence of the soul and as a peace keeper soul.

Pleiades is a mediator of peace between races priest and watcher from Rigel in the constellation of Orion.

At the beginning of time this soul helped Gaia when it was still spirit to build her ley lines and crystalline grid connected with Mesopotamia , Egypt, Sirius, Antares Mintaka as a mermaid and shape shifters . this image is from Pleiades in Merope

Greeting, Beloved, we love you deeply and you have a spot in our hearts, know we love you and support you. Slow down, breathe, reconnect, and allow yourself to be aware of any changes that are now adjusting your priorities, high values, and vision for your life path in collective harmony. The Galactic Codes of Creation appears as a sign of abundance, healing, and renewal with a new way of being that is aligned with the soul. The purpose of life announces new projects that appear at dawn like the sun that radiates light to your day today. Now is the perfect time to offer your creative intentions, co-creating balance and rebirth to the universe from the perspective of love. This Soul is guiding you into a new awareness of light and a better way to exchange high information and at the same time eliminate density and resistance by creating light. You are giving the opportunity to adjust your life to better match the harmony of the universe through the fire of creation. Surrender to change. Creating new ways of being Creating a spiritual truth where all paths lead back to your origin, to the source of divine love. Although he can face the unknown, it can cause insecurity, his dragons assure him that his next steps are compatible and that he is eternally safe. Create and listen to your heart. Create and open yourself to the inner voice of the soul. Create life as new ideas are coming to lift you to inspiration, clarity, and divine light. Believe and allow the vision of the divine to flow through my perspective now. A new unity is manifesting for you now. Galactic Codes from Andromeda will guide you by sending you inspired ideas, creative ideas and waves of new energy for the path ahead. With galactic love, Guides

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