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Divine Mother Mary Drawing 🤍

Your Soul is very connected with Divine mother and the goddess collective. Also you were part of the brotherhood of the Rose. You have connections with Quan yin, green and white Tara, Ganesh, Lady Venus, Lady Faith, Isis, Hathor, Mary Magdalene, Sophia and Mother Mary as representation of the Divine feminine principle of Christ Consciousness.

From the Galaxy the essence comes from the star system of Sirius having the Avatar, the blue ray alien, amphibious being, and also the whales and Dolphins connection. It feel you experienced every variable Sirius version before exploring of the planes like;New earth, Pleiades, Orion, Antares, Vega and Alpha Centauri.

Divine Mother Mary Message ~ My Guide Drawing

My Dear Child of the Light,

I am honored to speak through this vessel with yo in the love connection as you gaze at the image attached to this message please connect with me through your Heart.

We One Heart, One Immaculate light, and Love.

In this Transformational month of December we are drawn ever deeper into our own loving hearts through the Stargate of the Divine Feminine and the Anchor the frequency of Divine Love through Divine Mother Mary, as a gateway in her inner plane Holly of the Immaculate Light directly into your Divine Soul.

Tune in Love, hold the light and breathe out all that is ready to be released. Gaze at the light language Codes igniting the Sacred Flames of Divine Love,in your open heart. Divine Mother Mary, emanates sacred Immaculate light codes of Love basking in the radiance of this Divine nourishment loving energy of the Your Heart.

Get into the feeling 9n Divine Love deepening connection to the Divine Feminine vibration within your own Sacred Heart.

Let the language of the light as they ignite and activate within your loving hearts.

Anchor the Divine feminine principle is one of receptivity, stillness, acceptance, compassion, Love, harmony, openness, peace and forgiveness.

There is a grace and beauty that stems from the loving heart and dwells there, radiating its passive creativity by embracing all, and allowing the purest compassion and deepest forgiveness to dissolve the wounds of our souls and that of Mother Earth.

Within the sacred space of your Divine Feminine, there exists no competition, no jealousy, no comparison, every human is a child is a unique gift of Love to this sacred earth.

You are a blessing to this world when you are tuned into the heart dwelling within the One Heart of All That Is, and choosing to experience the full range of human emotions to know ourselves as Love and anchor the Light Codes activating the Divine Feminine within the flame of Love.

Divine Mother Over-lighting, is taking you ever deeper into self-love, self-nurturing and self-appreciation.

Child of the light Honor and nurture your inner being and Soul Light as we step ever deeper in our own loving hearts, the offering to be inspired to lead with Love.

This drawing is a bridge experiencing now the Love Flame through The Immaculate holly heart. of your Soul Light, of Creator of All that it is.

As this drawing activates more deeply now through the heart and Divine heart you will softly release the pain of all that is ready to be released in this momentum.

Breathing in Love, holding the breath, breathing out all that is ready to be released.

You are invited to tune into your Divine Heart and feel the sense of expansion from within our immaculate pure loving hearts into a pillar of flowing Love.

Breath in the light codes of Love,

Hold the immaculate sacred breath, and breathe out all that is ready to be released and allow your soul’s blossoming, immaculate Light.

Bathing all life upon this sacred Earth in the Love of the Divine Mother Mary as your sacred intention.

As you deepen into your Soul’s blossoming and magnificence, purification of the immaculate heart.

Honoring all life that comes through looking through and all around you streaming light the Path of Equilibrium, experiencing the new codex of the New Earth, tuning into the sacred Divine Love.

Dear child of the light This beautiful healing as you experience this Divine Mother Mary Healing Activation through the Over-lighting moving into the heart chakra, released false beliefs, healing, releasing, letting go,

Now remember You are wonderful and perfect just as you are. You are wonderful and perfect just as you are. You are all the Love You need and know that I Love you.

Bringing insight the loving awareness understanding, compassion, wisdom, and releasing all that is ready to be released, and so this is.

With Immaculate Love Divine Mother Mary.

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