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My Drawing Of the light Venusian 🤍 Amore Venusian Love Essence Activation Greetings and Blessings, I am Amore and We are Venusian we came here as hathor as well as Venus and as well as Aphrodite as well and powerful Divine Femenine frequencies that come to align yourself within and special and opportunity to set the tone for your light expansion For many of you, this is a Clearing Phase that allows you to bring in the Newness as you bring you venusian Essence We are talking about trying to take on more than you really can in a Balanced and Natural Rhythm for you Divine love Essence to be activated. We are inviting you to Breathe and to See. Pause from the busyness of the World to be able to bring New love Energies and New Ways for you to be in Grace, feeling the Venusian Essence at the moment Do not be surprised if you feel drawn to make changes. Those changes are going to be needed for you to be the Venusian Essence Who Resides Within You. Perhaps you are going to start to notice that saying un plugin to fear will lead you to Live and to Stay in a Higher Frequency. To live in the Magic, you must realize that it is an Infinite Flow from the Universe.

Synchronicities will let you know that you are In The Flow of the Venusian Essence of your Soul. We want to tell you to access your source of Venusian Essence to match inner peace life is calling you on the direction of change to awake the Venusian Essence into changing your reality conspiring to utilize the highest signal you can create to download whare is needed to face challenges Something that needs to be harmonized in your mind and life so you can get on the timeline of living from a state of higher consciousness, love, and peace! With what is truly the highest divine pathway for your soul. The key to navigating through this... It to keep harmonizing your energy with the angelic essence where you find your center to lift you beyond let the angel in you become part of your essence my dear and sweet angel

lead with light my dearest child of the light we leave you in a waterfall of blessings of light Amore 🤍

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