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Wendy napolitano drawing starseed - Sirius - HYDIAN - Lyran escence

Soul chart from a Starseed that has a Sirius - HYDIAN - Lyran escence, highly connected to Angels, Archangel Raziel (represents your lineage), elementals (connection with earth), Atlantis (gift or healing with water), Arcadia (connected with greece Gods very Amazonian warriors alike timeline), Avalon , Dragons of the spirit of fire this powerful mystical being emits vibrations of force, power and experience. Other connections:

Pegasus (healing, divinity), Orion (Represents power, strength and faith, and works to maintain order and balance), Dolphins-whales (his role is that of messengers), Arcturian (His mission is help us develop understanding, patience and tolerance with the other. He is called to action to stimulate harmony), Andromeda (health and healing not only of the physical body but also of the spiritual one), Cassiopeia (passion, creation, art) and New Zeta Light (transforming guide, the one that gives strength in the face of complications).

Soul is expressed in this drawing is Galactic and angelic at the same time it comes from the constellation of Sirius and brings healing to the inner child, the essence and purity of the soul, conscious exploration, it is a traveling soul, it likes to explore the cosmos, discover himself in different dimensions and settings where his gift is the harmony of being. soul that needs to be in motion and harmonizes through enthusiasm, the debate of what it is and what it wants to be and dances between doubt and trust where his gift is the radiant and divine joy of light. Soul that is attracted to art, beauty, creation and combines with the logic of God, power, the abundance of love, achieving the structure and balance of the spirit. This soul is angelic and cosmic and it is stretched in 3 levels. an angelic higher self that has no race, no name, only the divine frequency of light reminds me a lot of the Archangel Raziel has a rainbow-colored aura that beautifully rainbow light. The glories of Heaven are visible in the beautiful prism-of-light rainbow that surrounds higher self and which reflects the lion heart glowing like the Sun. This drawing reflects the soul of the lioness is majestic, I did not believe that I did her justice with her blond hair and iridescent eyes, it reminds me of a queen over all forms of divine fire, a healer and magician. For this reason, she is attracted to lions, solar beings that are due to fire (that of passion and that of change). This aspect is a priestess in Sirius who is descendant of Hyadians-Lyrans who are her guides and teachers. In those timelines it seems a world of crystalline light that transcends between divinity and experience. They call her Morana if magic is in the blessing of the sacred fire of the inner divinity, that transforms everything indelibly, and that before nothing bends. She dwells in the sun and in gold. You can connect with her through meditation and visualize the image of her when you feel that you have lost the momentum that moves you and the motivation that keeps you in the fight. After a defeat or a fall, when your vital impulse falters, you can ask for the favor of hugging in its solar and loving light and raising you with its crystalline and sacred light and giving you an invitation Invoking the Activation of the Sacred Fire of the Heart of Leon Divine crystalline Light you who dwell in the sun and in the candle, ignite my sacred and divine love now and forever. Invokes the light and crystalline fire of the sun that illuminates the shadows and beams of the wood wind and the inclement mantle wind, you who drive away the winter and awaken all the souls in the Divine and crystalline dawn of the sacred being. I now claim the sacred connection that unites us in the sacred fire of the holy heart, you who speak to me in the cosmos of my soul. instead of its ashes, and soar pride flight, and so be it today and always.

Brighter days come ahead, all my love, Morana

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