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Galactic Art |Orion Starseed

This Aspect’s Soul Chart for October 19th is highly connected with the Star System of Orion, as a Vortex of Evolution. Essence Orion - Arcturus.

He also has connections with:

Mars: Alchemist, Sorcerer, Druid. Seeking to be God In Action. This Aspect is male, in a timeline where it was a war of power between many Galactic Races, that ended in a massive destruction.

Sirius: Avatar Humanoid, pearl-silver skin, androgynous. They are Shamans and Experts of Sacred Geometry.

Osiris: Isis Bloodline, is royal, with an oval head. They were descendants from the Stars of Orion - Sirius. Atlantis.

Maya ~ Shamanic Healers connected to the Earth. Ancestors and Guides for many of them.

Calaeno ~ I am seeing a very happy community, highly aligned with happiness. I would dare to say heaven-like, very Angelic and straight in the Light. In Pleiades.

Dragons of Orion ~ this is a type of benevolent Amphibious Reptile, that when they ascend become Dragons. Angelic, and function as Warriors of the Light and Civil Guards of Beings of Light.

Mintaka ~ represents Leaders of the Light, Planners, Seers, Pioneers of the Light and Creation.

Anilem ~ represents Creators of the Matrix, Engineers, Builders of Patterns to Rebuild Societies.

Rigel ~ represents the Watcher. They observe and oversee the Galaxy.

KA AK - Saiph ~ represents the Heart of the Universe.

Arcturus ~ Doctor of the Light, a Specialist in a Color and Sound Healing that upgrades DNA. The Arcturians function as your Higher Self and the Highest Aspect you have as a Soul.

Greetings Beloved,

We are here in a Divine Crystalline Light.

We are sharing a Healing Gift of Light, our Dearest Beloved.

Time to dwell in the Divine Light, and to ignite your Sacred and Divine Love, now and forever.

Remember to Invoke the Light and the Crystalline Light, that illuminates the shadows and beams of the Whirlwind and the Inclement Shadow.

Let the light to awaken the Souls in the Divine and Crystalline Dawn of the Sacred Being. Now claim the Sacred Connection that unites you with the Sacred Fire of the Holy Heart. You, who speaks to me in the Cosmos of your Soul, instead of bursting into the Light. Turn on the Light of your Soul, and remember that the Goal of Life is not to win.

Listen to your Heart, and play the game with Love. The Light in your Heart will guide you, and know that there are many Paths that lead to One Road. No one can give you Faith, and no one can choose for you what you believe. Choose to have Faith. The Spirit of God is within you. Turn on the Crystalline Light of your Soul, and know that when you are reconnected with the Light In You, you are surrendering the demands of Human Will to the presence of Divine Will. With Love, Your Guides

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