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Waking up? What is the spiritual Meaning?

Waking up! What mean for you? Channeling? Knowing about metaphysical stuff? Being Starseed? …

Maybe all that and more… but regardless of my magic.

Being awake it’s much simple thing. It’s seeing the light, period. On my but also all around me.

Beings awake To me is being aware about my Choices and what I choose to be my experience.

It is to see my light and also see my shadow finding a way to blend both in Balance.

Waking up! It’s also paying more attention to what is going on inside of me than thinking about what others do or aren’t doing.

When I woke up, I discovered I had s choice and I could use it to the best of my knowledge. Day by day and one moment at the time.

Waking up is knowing to me that whatever happened before no longer defined what I choose to be Now!

My Routine, my choices, my thoughts and all I am supports me.

And that makes life so worth it! And for that I’m grateful.

Remember to shed a light!

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