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Waterfall of light is a technique that clear our energy immediately when is visualize

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Today, Beloved Souls, I share a Waterfall of Light Technique that I use for channeling, similar to the one I created today.

This is what I saw in my dreams ~ spheres of Light were gently clearing me, while choirs of Angels sang Light Language. It was I decided to share.

The sensitivities are rising. They will keep doing so because we have a no human contact policy around the World, in different strategies, of course.

However, what this does is force us at the Energy Level to connect more. That affects our Telepathic Abilities and Sensory Field, because we are adjusting to a new way of contact between Humans and Cosmic Family.

The Energy isn’t more intense. We feel it more because the carbon-based body is being transformed into a Body of Light. So...

What do we do with the tiredness and increased emotions that rise like a Waterfall of Feeling, and not being able to see clearly or to find peace?

I do Energy Management...What is that?

I monitor myself frequently so I don’t get out of the Light or down to the minimum.

That helps me to listen to my Body and Energy Field, to observe what is vibrating there, and clear it.


Clearing your Energy is a MUST, and it should be done often.

We don’t have to wait to meditate to clear it, or have sage on hand, or perhaps wear crystals...the new way is for you to command it, and it is done...

Yes, So Be It, as simple as that. The trick is to believe it...

So, the steps I learned for the Waterfall Technique to use as a tool for channeling are:

1 ~ Go Inward

2 ~ Close Your Eyes (preferably)

3 ~ Take 3 Cleansing and Steady Breaths

4 ~ Visualize a Waterfall of Light

5 ~ Set Your Intention (“I command to release all that is not needed anymore, and immediately restore my Source Field as a recollection of all the Light I have given away, and to recuperate equilibrium instantly and constantly. And So Be It!”)something short and practical.

For the ones who need more support, I am sharing an Archangel-Guided Meditation from my YouTube Channel, and a Blue Ray Angel Meditation like the one in the following image that will provide support.

Shed a Light 🤍

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