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We are gold

How are you all feeling today?

Energy is weird as all is moving including us a feel weird will be my new norm

And I feel so happy to walk the road I am learning how to live with highs and lows and still knowing “I’m Gold”

Yes our auras are changing to gold to become the golden juman race in the future

Isn’t exciting?

We are the Christ consciousness in human form

Did you know you had gold in you?

Oh yes

What a beautiful morning to feel grateful for all the blessings received walking a road that is unseen but exciting as is meant to be as is shinning as gold

The gold is always all the way on the road we are already in feel the sun bathing heat in the soul

Sometimes we don’t know we already have the gold in ourselves

In our hearts where the shine is pure and walking the road ridding inside our Soul is where we find the gold

Is key to be ok to what is meant to be....

Sharing a code and a light language meditation they has an ability to repair and heal while you feel the gold shinning within

As you calm down through the language of the light Feel the negative energy remove itself from your mind as the codes starts to reroute your energy

Believe that it can help you, and it truly will, and quickly too.

Shed a light 💫

The image is a blueprint you can order yours at

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Rayito Ozuna
Rayito Ozuna
08 dic 2020

All so beautiful

Me gusta
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