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What if all is possible?

What if I ask you to bring to your mind what feels so impossible?

What would you see? Try it. A millionaire, Disclosure, fair justice, strong economy or perhaps a millionaire….

What if you can see that potential by visiting a parallel reality where it is your Reality!

Can we? Oh yes… I share how…

Codes are though forms that vibrate at a higher executive realignment. This is talking about possible versus impossible.

All is possible when I believe it can be. However when my mindset said it is unpredictable I create invisible walls that predict it’s own impossibility.

One technique I’m practicing when I am aware I limit my potential is to imagine.

What if it could be possible? If thought create our experience of posible then the uncertainty it’s just to process of evolving.

Most likely leading to something New and Better.

So how we access that information.

Now, even science talk about parallel universes

We can always choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what's wrong in our life, or we can focus on what's right.

Marianne Williamson

Of Course what I create I. My mind it is the algorithm for the feed I'm on it. So if I can think how all can go wrong . Then i also Can think all Can be right and posible.

This is the technique

Close you eyes and see yourself in from on 3 door. Ask your higher self fir guidance. Clear your mind with with light get centered and feel the Source flowing through.

Breathe in and out.

Then at your highest light then first door it is the worst scenario. The second it is the best possible ( that seems impossible for your mind) the third door it is the easiest next step running through infinite possibilities to make it happen in the highest outcome for all.

Imagine all 3, play around and hopefully this simple technique I use with my clients in sessions becomes a helpful tool for you too.

I summarize it so feel free to adjust it to your intuition and needs.

Much love to your day. Which if your it is a darme to make the impossible a real possibility.

Remember to Shed a Light

With Gratitude Grethel

I'm adding a guided meditation to become a magnet for abundance and attract I donate potentials.

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